Egaming Developers Lawsuit


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Apr 18, 2003
I was a franchisee of Egaming Developers. I paid them $25,000 for an online casino. They didn't deliver on many of their promises and changed the back-end codes on my site. I spent thousands of marketing $$ and paid $25k for them to take. If you have had a bad experience through Egaming Developers/Oxford Software, please join me in my lawsuit against them.Send me an email
For everyone's info:

Oxford Software Developers offer its clients 2 equally dynamic products with which to power their applications. In addition to its own product, Oxford Software Developers offer a product develop by World Gaming, an industry in leader in the field of gaming software. To contact our sales office Click here

Oxford Software Developers Inc. holds an Internet gaming license from the Government of Curacao. Oxford Software Developers has a Licensing agreement with World Gaming Communications, the premier developer of gaming software in the world. This gaming license allows the Company to carry on the business of both Internet casinos and other E-commerce based services to its customers regardless of geography. Oxford Software Developers' agreement with World Gaming enables the Companys management to market and license its casino gaming and sports packages to affiliates globally.

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And they apparently don't like answering potentially awkward questions.

We referred "tomwhowes'" intention to embark on a class action to them and asked for a media comment. Three times.

We still await even the courtesy of a reply.

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