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Jun 8, 2003
Has anyone ever dealt with Ed Ware of 32Red? I don,t want this to sound like an advertisement, but he is hands down the best I have ever spoken to in the online industry. Nobody even comes close. I had a problem connecting to the site when I first registered, and apparantly there was something unstable in my connection with them, and for my troubles, Ed threw $150.00 into my account. It wasn,t even a major problem or anything...just a temporary connection problem. Last week...after a break from online gambling for about 6 months, I called 32Red to get my account info, since I had gotten a new PC in the meantime, and just started playing again. Ed answered my call and actually took time to shoot the shit with me for awhile, and he gave me my account info. A few minutes later I get an e-mail from Ed saying he put $150.00 into my account as sort of a welcome back bonus. Then two minutes later, I get another e-mail from Ed saying "by the way...look at your account! You still have $250.00 in there from last Christmas that we gave you" Unbelievable! So...I came back to $400.00 in my account...unexpectedly. If you know anyone else in the business like that, then let me know so I can play there. ( no..I don,t work for any casinos...and I just wanted to share this experience ) Thank you all! Tim Peterpaul
32Red is an multi-award winning casino reviewed by Casinomeister

I too have dealt with Ed of 32Red and you are right - he is a great guy. He used to work at Ladbrokes (a huge gambling company in the UK) so I think he knows what he's doing.

However, he's never given me those kind of bonuses! If you don't mind me asking, what sort of money have you thrown at 32Red (and how much have you cashed out ;) ) - It may be that you play more than me... at the moment I am feeling hard done by...LOL

Ed Ware is one of the reasons that 32Red is one of Microgaming's best kept secrets. It's a small casino since it's relatively new, but Ed takes this business seriously and has a very high profile which makes him very accessible. He is also a very personable guy who will take the time out to ensure his players are satisfied.

It's nice to know that there are people running these casinos instead of somebody hiding behind a pseudonym.
Actually, I don,t think I,ve spent more than the average person at 32 red. I think it,s more of a testimonial of the goodness of Ed Ware than it is of how much I have spent. Tim
I forgot to mention that 32red was awarded the prestigous and coveted "Best Named Casino" award for 2002 by Casinomeister.
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32Red is an multi-award winning casino reviewed by Casinomeister

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