Ed Ware... are you there?


Jun 8, 2003
Ed, if you still read this forum, I want to say hello. Ed runs 32Red casino, and is in my opinion, the best casino manager you will EVER find. I used to play alot at 32red, and sometimes when I phoned the casino for one reason or another, Ed would personally answer my call and spend some time in a conversation to get to know a little about me. There was NEVER a problem getting paid, and his people were just as kind and professional as he. A few months ago, 32Red stopped taking players from the United States. That was a bummer for me. The only other Microgaming group that comes close to 32red in my opinion is the Tridente group of casinos.
Anyway... this is not an advertisement, because I can't even play there anymore because I live in New York. I just want to say hi to Ed if he's still reading here!
Hi Tim - still here!

Thanks for asking after me and 32Red, and thank you (and Diamond2) for your kind words. The team will no doubt have picked up on your remarks by the time I get back to the office and will be thrilled by the ongoing positive feedback. We are all very focused on what matters to the players and always encouraged by praise from them.

The decision to come out of the US market was a tough one and we still keep a very close eye on what's going on across the pond. There have been some developments in the UK banking arena in relation to transactions in the US which may give us the confidence to come back. We'll see, but will certainly keep you posted.

Tim - I haven't forgotten that we're going to enjoy a slap-up meal in your neck of the woods sometime!

Best wishes


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