eCOGRA updates?


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Aug 29, 2012
It's fine Dionysus, we all know what you meant and that you type fast and stuff

We all maik mistax



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Feb 13, 2017
Lets get everybody back in this topic BUMP*

has anyone witnessed improvement with eCOGRA since?

I wouldnt be surprised if the answer is no, because I have learned that this is a ponzi scheme. So far I have Digimedia(carmenmedia aka thebellerockent aka fortunelounge aka thecitygroup aka buffalopartners aka brightshare aka thepalacegroup aka Bayton limited), MGA malta, eCOGRA, Askgamblers, Betway(betway limited), Videoslots, CasinoRewards,, ConquerCasino.

They are all the same people. I am working on my evidence as of now, and will show you all when its done, hopefully this week. Oh, 888poker, Bet365, 32red, are also with them.

If you notice in the interview with eCOGRA, they dont give you direct answers, and always try to do a run around, which they are doing to me at this moment.

I think the real term for affiliate are the ones that share the same progressive jackpots, or have the eCOGRA logo.

the Nevada Gaming Control Board confirms this. eCOGRA openly confirms this on their site.

The problem is, they have conned so many people, that they wanna make us think that they have many 'affiliates'.

Whats the difference with a eCOGRA fair and safe seal and the eCOGRA trust seal? does anyone know when the trust seal came around? Im guessing it has to be recently...

Anyways, stay tuned.

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Yewh...i think many things in this industry is just black..and thats why to find tru5h after casino fheated is all them prot3cts each other...8 have many evidences about r3ally fak3 things on online casinos..hut not ecogra, not mga, not uk gambling commission is not investigating ..they says..go to court