EcoCard vs. US customers


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Jul 12, 2007
Sorry for copy & paste from other thread, but I thought it to be an important notice:

yesterday I spoke with Eco customer support to find out any US related matters and listen what I found out:

- they may probably exit US anytime soon, but if this happens, US customers will be able to withdraw funds to their bank account at any time. No worries. Note that the only bank they don't transfer funds is Commerce Bank, what is not a big deal.
- I was told, if ecocard exits US, they will send an e-mail to all customers notifying about it in advance and accounts will not be suspended
- until this has happened, everybody can make deposits, withdraw from merchants and so on. there will no no suspension like we experienced with neteller.

keep rollin'!


insider tips:

- to make everything clear about US and to have double insurance I spoke also to one of the MG casino managers where I'm used to play. he suggested me ussing EcoCard nevertheless rumours going on. I can still make a deposit, withdraw and make purchases between casino and EcoCard until any official announcement from ecocard is released. they have been working with ecocard for ages and this is sure thing - told the representative, not getting in details

HEADS UP :thumbsup:

- our conversation led to "if" anything happens to EcoCard, will be there any alternative to this option for US customers
- and the customer guy said "laughing" again - if anything happens, what apparently will, MG casinos will be offering another system to their exclusive or "good" customers only.
- questioned about what is "good" or "quality" customer to their interpretation, Jerald - customer support manager refrained to disclose
- but what I guess - good customer is that played for ages at the same casino and made no complains without any reason, was never blocked or suspect of fraud or something like that...

so, I hope whatever happens for good, I'll be in :D

hope was of assistance folks


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