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Oct 9, 2006

I really havnt been gambling much because of the w/d problems. I have no problems makin a deposit but the w/d is a mess.

Anyway, I got an email from Club World saying I have $25 in loyalty rewards. I figured I would just play and lose because of the play through. Much to my surprise, I have won $200 that is withdrawlable. This was just a fluke

I live chatted them to ask for a hard check or ACH and they told me that Eco Card is still accepting US players for deposits and withdrawls and to set up an account.

Has any US players been able to w.d. through EcoCard? I set up the account but Im afraid to cash out until I know there wont be a problem
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I didnt see the america the beautiful thread last night. Maybe it was my PC so that's why I put it here, then I realized the thread reappeared lol. I wasnt sure how to move it. If you can move this to America the beautiful,I would be grateful :)
Hi Babs7262,
I was also wondering the same about the Ecocard. I will go visit their site and see what I can uncover. Maybe some other posters will have some info. This crap has pretty much taken the wind out of my sails though and I am feeling doubtful about this option being around long enough for us to even benefit at all from it. We will see!

I went to site and registered. The fees schedule was a little vague in two spots. Specifically # 3 and #4.
Also I noticed you can deposit 3 ways from US. Wire transfer from your bank to FORTIS Banks in the Netherlands, Money Gram and Western Union. Withdrawal only by wire transfer to your bank again from FORTIS Bank.

What are your fees? Fee Schedule for EcoCard Holders:
# Service Fee in USD*
1. Registration Fee Free of Charge
2. Annual Fee Free of Charge
3. Transfers and Payments
3.1. Transfer to another EcoCard 1.5%
3.2. Payment to an online merchant Free of Charge
4. Withdrawals from EcoCard
4.1. By Wire Transfer 10

* All fees are subtracted in US Dollars; Fee Schedule for any EcoCard denominated in another currency is calculated in accordance with the current date exchange rate.

Can I call you? Yes. You can call our International UK line +44 870 763 0177 – leave us your name, telephone number (with country code), the time when you wish us to call you and briefly describe your problem. Our support operators will get in touch with you.

Hmmm! I don't know. Let's see what other members think before plunging in. Good luck to us all!
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I was recently thinking the same thing (we must share even timing as well as the same name, Cynthia ;) ) so I sent ECO card an email (to which they responded pretty quickly, by the way).

They responded with:

Dear Client,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

Please be informed, that we do not have any restrictions for US residents.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance.

EcoCard Support Team

As long as Club World offers this as a withdrawal option, you should be fine.
I was filtering through (particularly the MG casinos, since I miss them dearly) which ones offer ECO card as an option for depositing and withdrawing. There are only a handful of them (not all MG casinos do). But just make sure that not only do they offer it as an option, but that they (the casinos) offer them as an option for their U.S. players. Case in point - the casinos in the Casino Rewards group either have decided not to accept ECO card from U.S. players or they seem to think that it is not an option for the U.S. (some text from Casino Classic's (one of the CR group) webpage):

4.2 What methods can I use to make a deposit at the casino?
Some of the payment methods Casino Classic accepts include:

Diners Card
E-Check (Not available to US players)
FirePay (Not available to US players)
NETeller (Not available to US players)
Electronic Check by Citadel (Not available to US players)
ECO Card (Not available to US players)
Money Bookers (Not available to US players)
Wire Transfer

From what I've seen (correct me if I'm wrong), that is the only casino group that offers ECO card as an option, but not to U.S. players. The others that listed ECO did not list a restriction for U.S.
that was ez

i requested a w/d at 830am, it was approved and in my eco account when I just looked. I requested a transfer to my bank and it was approved along with a $10 fee

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