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Feb 22, 2005
just a quick question. i needed to make a withdrawl from a casino which is a excellent casino listed on this web site. however i was told that checks were no longer a option,. and that i would need to open a ewallet or a eco account. well i did register with eco but i been having lots of trouble trying to get my account verified. i tried to do the moneygram and the store clerk asked for codes and stuff that eco said was not needed. i tried to do it thru my bank but it is all complicated. has anyone send eco a money gram and it went thru.? any info will help .
funding ecocard

to deposit I use western union, just print the page for seding western union payments from ecocard. It is a person to person send, then there is a page to confirm your mtcn # with eco. My card was crdited in a couple fo hours!
funding ecocard

another note, your probably having trouble due to the fact that your are trying to send money to ecocard itself, go to their website, they give explicit directions insending money tru western union, and moneygram!
i did the step by step directions for moneygram and printed the reciever details and took all the info with me to the store branch. everything was typed in correct by the store clerk and i recived a confirmation number. i came home and went to the eco site and confirmed my dep with the reference number. i then got a email from eco telling me the money was not credited to my account because it was incorrect. i was told to go back to the store branch and have it corrected. i proceeded to email eco and told them according to my paperwork at the time of my money gram dep i didnt see where the mistake was. i told them i needed to know in order to go and fix it. im beginning to give up. i will probably try the western union , if that fails then ill quit trying. i already waisted 30 dollars trying the moneygram. lord knows where that money is at.
reda, you can cancel that moneygram! you wont get your fees back though. I only use western union, it has worked well for me!
ok thanks for the info. i ll try the western union. should i cancel the moneygram and start over or does it matter?
cancel the money gram, go back to eco site and get current receiver for western union,!!! use the green form from western union as it is a person to person send, go back to eco site enter confirm deposit and enter mtcn #, ar this tiime of night you wont be credited until 3pm tomorrow, if you deposit in the morning your deposit should show up in a couple of hours, like I said I have had no problems depositing and more importantly I get paid from the casinos!!!!

good luck,
reda, I was just reading one of your 1st posts and I am just not sure why you need your account verified? goldenreef deposited 1500.00 in my account when I had never deposited into eco!!! as long as you have an account with them, and have eco as your prefered method of payment, your withdrawel should be no problem!!!
well i never thought of that. i do have a eco account but i would only have to make a deposit into the eco account if i wanted to dep into a casino. well i use my netspend to dep into the casinos. so i wonder if i wanted to make a withdrawl from a casino they would deposit in my eco account even though i have never used it.? thats the only reason i opened it in the first place. a couple of casinos said it is the best way to make a withdrawl as of now
thanks for all the help
reda, thats exactly what I do at some casinos, I deposiit with netspend and withdrawel thru eco. works great!!!
reda, then of course you can keep some money in your account once you have withdrawn to eco so you can deposit without having to use western union or moneygram!!!
yes!!! i just got a email from eco and they said i could go on and make deposits into my eco account. so i wont have to do a western union as far as i know. so that works for me. thanks again.

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