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Dec 18, 2004
Orlando, FL
I am interested in purchasing the $5999 sportsbook from at
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Are there any current members out there who have already purchased a sportsbook or casino from How is their reputation? Do you receive your affiliate check on the 15th of every month? Have you had any problems with collecting your affiliate checks from them?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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i'm more concerned with the sportsbook part of the site. Does WindowsCasino develop the software for the sportsbook portion of the sites offers?

I understand WindowsCasino develops the software for the downloadable casino that comes with sites, but what about the sportsbook design? An example is at

Also, the sportsbook design comes with java-based casino games. Are these developed by windowscasino as well? An example of the java-based casino that comes with the sportsbook design is at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
are you under cover trying to spam your site? I dont think to many of us support window casino on casinomeister site
no i am not undercover and my company Interactive Online (not associated with any casino or gambling site) strictly prohibits any form of spam. I am a newbie to this industry & am becoming familar with it by posting questions to casino & affiliate forums. From what i am hearing, everyone says to stay away from WindowsCasino, but that looks like it is the 'casino' portion of the site in which ecasinocash offers.

I am interested in the sportsbook side mostly. I do not think WindowsCasino created the 'sportsbook' portion of the site. The reason I posted this thread is because I am more interested in people who are currently running a 'sportsbook' purchased from ecasinocash.

Thank you for your responses regarding WindowsCasino, but i am looking for feedback on the Sportsbook.
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