Easy way to get $200 Free


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Jan 29, 2002
This is not spam.

Party Poker has a 20% bonus each month (current one runs till 3/23 i believe) up to $200.

I play 3 tables $25 N/L full tables. Each month takes me about 16hrs to fulfill hand requirements. (They only give you a week to do it!)

Really nice bonus and usually will end up with about $300 profit.
Yes Party has become generous lately with these bonuses. The only thing I do not like is that in PL or NL hands can go raked and not count since they must be raked $.25 and also a big pot can take $3 out in rake where 1/2 max out at $1. In $25 NL often the pots will be less then $5 so they will not count but be raked. I prefer 1/2 6 max, especially stud8 or omaha8 to clear these. 4 tables of these can clear it in about 7 hours. A nice $30 an hour bonus and every hand that gets raked count, although $.50 @ $5 is obviously high. Playing high low games though these pots often go well over $20 for just $1 max rake.
I see ur from my "neck of the woods". I am in Loganville. Have you heard anymore about Harrahs Cherokee opening a poker room?

Last i heard someone said they had decided not to open one. I hope this is wrong.

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