Earth Calling Fortune Lounge Rep???


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Dec 24, 2005
I just realised I sent the FL rep a PM on the 20'th and have still not received a response. The issue raised has been rectified by VIP support, namely the vip manager, (who btw is the only reason I'm still supporting FL - fortunately he's in a class of his own), still a reply would have been nice from the FL rep all the same.

Granted I can be a pain is the b#tt at times, however, I'm a loyal player and they basically get all my gambling dollars, which amounts on average to many thousands a month.

Obviously I still don't deposit enough to earn the simple courtisy of receiving a reply to my PM (I'd send a email but the last 3 to Wim have been ignored too).


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Apr 17, 2005
Friendly bump for you if you still have not got a response...
Why have a rep on casinomeister if you never respond? :what:


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom

The rep is not the only unresponsive thing at Fortune Lounge. Every time I attempt to access the Vegas Villa site my browser locks, but I can access the main Fortune Lounge site OK, and obviously Casinomeister.
I recall a thread about possible problems at some FL sites but cannot find it; I see a PM to the rep is unlikely to get anywhere either.

Fine then, I'll play somewhere else whose web site works!

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