Earned $170 in under 7 minutes with MIT System


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Hi everyone :)

This is my first post here, so I thought I would start out by sharing the big win I did today with you:

I have tested a lot of Roulette systems - mostly for fun as I was fast to figure out that beating the roulette was impossible... Or at least it was until MIT released their prediction software. Haven't tried it with real money yet, but it looks really promising with Play Money - I've had 23 game sessions and some of them were over 1 hour long, and none of them returned with a bankroll under my start-amount :thumbsup:

Does anyone else have experience with the MIT software?
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This was produced by a casino...LOL

Roulette has been helping build mega casinos since it's invention. Do you really think you uncovered something that even remotely has a chance, past a couple of attempts.


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The video is created by me - I'll update the text if you need prove?
As of whether or not the software is created by a Casino I really doubt it - I just made a long test-play (stille with Play Money) and got a nice profit - even after 2.5 hours of continous play this system has kept me on the positive side of my bankroll. I'll do a couple of more (maybe longer?) test runs in the next couple of days, and if everything is still going fine I'm gonna start playing the Real Money tables.

But have you tried out the software yourself? Or has anyone else? I would really like to hear other peoples experiences with it as I don't see any reason to loose any more money on casinos than I already have with other systems. At least my failures have learned me to always test a system with Play Money first.

Since the software is free there's really nothing to loose - just don't start out on the Real Money tables if you are uncertain!

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I wish you nothing but good luck and great success.

I'm guessing your young and very motivated to beat the house. The only way in the past to have success was to find a bias wheel, or a flawed dealer with patterns at live casinos. Those days are long gone. The casinos have perfectly level wheels now, shallower pockets causing irregular bounce, and dealers are trained to mix it up. Online your basically playing just another slot machine which guarantees the house wins. You may have some great sessions with online Roulette but at least playing the slots you have a chance for the big strike.

I found video poker to be my best friend at online casinos.


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Well if we're talking about what we win with play money I could have bought Boardwalk and Park place a long time ago.

If we're talking about real money... I could treat you to a hotdog there. :)


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Hiya: Welcome. I play roulette all the time, for many years. Goodluck to you.

Buuuuuuuuuut, as others have said, no one here has used that system. You would be much better off explaining, "HOW" it is able to predict what to bet, and then asking for opinions on the bet selection method it is using. It is bet cold numbers, hot numbers, a section of the wheel or layout, What? Is it a progression, regression, up & pull, cross out, or What?

Also, many people, "not me" feel that a casino will let you win in free mode, just to make you lose when playing for real. So, unless the screen shot is taken with real money, it is pretty much meaningless. No one here wants you to lose, but also no one wants to hear about winning money in free mode, or some system off the internet.


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Statistic. You need more statistic. You have to play long enough to prove that your system works (on a long run). 7 minutes don't prove anything. You need, let's say, one million spins on several roulette wheels...
With 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% probability you will lose all your money.


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NO system can predict the outcome of a random event that has yet to occur.

C'mon people wake up and smell the flowers....:)


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There can be no "system" with random events, end of discussion.


Look up "random" in the dictionary, most people don't know the real meaning. Once you know what random means, and accept that a roulette wheel produces random results, then look again at your system. Casinos want people to play roulette, it's free money for them.

If you knew a system to predict random numbers, would you:

a) Give away your secrets, or
b) Win the lottery every week.


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Yeah, I doubt this is real.
Mr. Varkonyi did win over $2 mln, but with poker, not roulette :laugh:

Also any project affiliated with MIT be it a lab or student is hosted or otherwise connected in some form to MIT. When I did a Whois on www.mitroulette.com I got a dreamhost registered account :confused:

This seems to me to be an email address collector. Give up your email address and download :D

Also there might be a difference between Play for fun and Play for real money.
I'm not sure if this is the case here, but I also have heard from people that their luck always seems to turn when they start playing for real money.
I do not have enough experience with online casino's to know if this is true.

You should check out other roulette prediction software and their reviews (real reviews not the ones provided by the software makers and their affiliates).
The two biggest are Roulette killer and Roulette sniper, and the real reviews that go with them are some of the saddest I've read.
There are some people out there who lost alot of money using this crap.

Anyway I don't like roulette and I don't play it, but from what I know of the game this software cannot work.