DumbStruck with ThunderStruck!


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Despite trying to keep off slots since the end of my 'experiment' I find myself now slightly hooked on the darned things! At least I have the control to only do tiny bets! ;)
I keep dabbling with Thunderstruck to try and discover why some many posters call it their favorite - and I'm still mystified! People say it can be streaky - I'll say! Bit like 'London Bus Syndrome'! This was my latest encounter with it:-

Session 1: 208 spins to find the Rams - then it paid $4.59 (19/1).
58 more spins of utter rubbish, so stopped.

Session 2: 372 spins to find the Rams (no, I'm NOT kidding!) - then it gave me another 3 Rams during the free spins and paid $10.44 (58/1)
Just 27 spins later it hit again for $2.58 (14/1)
100 more spins of rubbish, so stopped.

Session 3: 13 spins - 3 Rams - $5.56 (28/1)
89 spins - 3 Rams - $11.80 (59/1). Getting better....
99 spins - 3 Rams - then I could not believe what happened - in the first 15 free spins it gave me 3 Rams again THREE times! That's a total of SIXTY free spins with TREBBLE wins - now we're rocking! Or so I thought - it only returned $13.88 :( Mind you, it was only a 10c bet, so that was 139/1.

So either I'm just very unlucky, or I'm missing something, cos I frankly can't see it's any better that any of the other 9-liners.
If fact, between sessions 2 & 3 I played Secret Admirer and hit 5 Rings off a 25c bet & won $67.50. 270/1 - that's more like it! :thumbsup:

I shall continue to monitor Thunderstruck, and will tell EVERYONE when I hit the jackpot! :D
Dont worry, I had a run of 285 spins today at $2,25 and another 260 at $4,50 a klick before I found the rams. They payed an amazing $83, what a joke :( After that I ran out of cash after another 80 or so spins without any more rams.
I did hit $376,50 on 5 of those hammers before I increased the stakes.

I did win inbetween, but I play thunderstruck because of the free spins and when they totally fail to show up I get a little pissed.
Slots Slots And Slots

Well, being a bit of a 'not so proffesional' player *beeeg grin* I have to say I like playing the slots when I am bored! (Does not take much to GET me bored though!) I have found that instead of ending the session, I would up my bet a little, play a few, and go back down! I don't foresee anyone ever getting 'rich quick' off this game at all! hehehe... I think, and that is just me, that if one plays enough, one will see the 'random' pattern. I am a bit of a geek, and quick at spotting patterns.... then again.. Like I said.. I DO GET bored easely!

And King, these games (slots) are like chip'ndip. YOU KNOW you've had enough... but eish! JUST one more!! I do think the attraction to the game is that you won't win much, but then, you won't loose much either!! hehehe (unless you are really really really bored.... *sigh* )
As close as I'll get...?

I did say I would tell everyone if I won the Jackpot...

Well I haven't won it yet, but this is probably as close as I'll ever get! :D

As usual I was searching for those blinking Rams - but they were hiding in the hills somewhere...

No sign of them for 234 spins, when 5 Hammers struck!
Only $30.04, but off a tiny 18c bet = 167/1 - Nice! :)

And I swear, the VERY NEXT SPIN I got 4 Thor's with a (poxy) Jack in the middle!

It was exactly another 80 spins before the quadrupeds finally showed, and a few nice hits made $15.84 off 36c = 44/1 - Not bad!

Maybe I'm finally starting to see the attraction of this slot.... :rolleyes:

He he - I just put on a CD - Hell Best - the best of AC/DC...
The first track on the album.... THUNDER STRUCK!! :D :D
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Glad you got a win!! ...you earned it! :thumbsup: I won $73 off the free spins on a .90 bet but after that I lost about $200 lol I found that if Thunderstruck is being mean, sometimes Spring Break or Tally Ho ends up coming through for me and visa/versa. After losing in Thunderstruck to point of wanting to barf, I went to Spring Break and won around $490...I felt sooo much better.
What was your experiment...which post? I have a new experiment every day lol ...I KNOW theres an edge somewhere, I just know it! :lolup:

One thing I seem to have noticed with all the featured 9 liners (which I am addicted to) is that if its not paying little ones from the very beginning, IT NEVER pays and you can go on a 10 spin losing streak and only win the smallest wins (rarely ever your bet back) . BUT if its giving me lots of little wins consistantly, I STAY.
Oh AND I have a 5 spin win rule...So many times I have gotten the free spins and normally I LEAVE in fear of not being able to get out, but now I give myself 5 spins after my free spins are gone and there have been so many times that I have gotten the spins AGAIN within those 5. BUT if i do more & break my 5 spin rule, I am at ZERO before I know it! :eek: hmmmmm

Best of luck to you!

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