Duke the next #1 to fall?


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Feb 14, 2010
Perdue surviving Texas A&M helped my Bracket today as did MI st. Our pool littered with Kansas and 'Nova pickers. Personally, I have Syracuse/Kentucky as Final. But like many others had G'town and Nova in the 16 with Kansas. We are only allowed 2 sheets each. Though I have 11/16, I'm live 100% to the Final.

So next up for 'Due is the Dukies, and I think Perdue survives and plays Baylor.

My Elite 8 are:

MI. ST -------> Slim Chance: I think N.. Iowa wins due to injury
OH. ST (W)
---------------> Syracuse (W) by 3: total 133
Syracuse (W)
Kansas ST

Kentucky (W)
W. Virginia
---------------> Kentucky
Perdue-------> Somebody's GOTTA beat DUKE either Perdue or Baylor or I'm toast
Baylor (W)

DDH (outside chance)
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