Due withdrawals from tonybet...now reading awful reviews.


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Aug 7, 2020
I played on this site last year and was verified and I won, got my withdrawals after 3 days or so took it as a good site. Hadn't played in a while so my account was closed, went on live chat and said i was getting it reopened and was told all good, reopened my account. Won 2 grand, got asked for documents again which was fine as the proof of address needed to be updated anyway and I used a new card. Was verified within a few hours and told withdrawal processed within 48 hours. Now all the reviews i'm reading are awful and they are sister companies with 22bet which everyone is told to avoid.

I ignored my own advice to check trustpilot before playing but as i'd not had an issue before I remembered it as being fairly efficient. Now got withdrawal anxiety for the 3rd time in 2 months based on reviews. I really should stop doing this to myself. Also the guy on live chat was way too abrupt with his answers, then again betfred are the same and I never had an issue with them.


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Jul 10, 2016
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Without being a biased billy, this site is the one for fair casinos and ones usually with a rep to help...

ignore the silly @gamblers as they only want a sign up, much like a streamer...

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