DrVegas slow withdrawal


Mar 10, 2018
Hey all,

Im new to Casinomeister, but i’m looking for help/advice.

Around 2-3 weeks ago I withdrew £400 from DrVegas. After numerous conversations over email and livechat with them, they kept moving my ‘approval’ date backwards. I wasn’t majorly bothered at first, as I had some money already. But after the third time of moving it (I didn’t expect it to take so long) I was, and still am in dire need for this money. They have approved it (apparently!) yesterday, 09/03/18 and said it will be 24-48hrs to come through, but they cannot supply me proof of money being release at their end. It’s mothers Day tomorrow and I wanted to use £100 for my Fiancèe as she deserves a treat (she works so hard for our family). Now it won’t be possiblee to get her anything!

Looking for advice or past experiences with DrVegas?