DrVegas experience so far


Dormant account
Hey! Signed up to the forum yesterday and thought I'd share my experience so far with one casino. I've been using DrVegas for a couple of days now, so far so good, I've been playing "Slots in the City" and must say I've been having some good luck, I deposited £25 at first and managed to withdraw £70 just 2 days ago, the payout was extremely fast, I requested the payout to be made via bank transfer, the money was within my bank the next day, so I was impressed. I've since deposited a further £30 and have mounted a staggering £500 payout simply by playing the above slot, I did this withdrawal yesterday and currently waiting to see if it'll hit my bank account today, fingers crossed. I've been playing £2 a bet and manage to hit the small Level 3 Jackpot twice, my heart nearly stopped both times thinking I may of won the Level 1 Jackpot which currently stands at just over 7k! Still time I suppose. :p

I've been extremely lucky lately, very temped to deposit £150 and see what I can make out of it. :thumbsup:

UPDATE: Just checked the bank, money has arrived, only cashout yesterday, very pleased.


Ueber Meister
I have been signed up to them for a long time, Only recently had a deposit for a while, Yesterday and today, Some machines there that are not on my normal haunts, I tell you one thing the pay outs been brilliant, Games give you a shout for your money,

I made a small withdraw yesterday to test the waters and received email about 12 at night saying skrill funds received, (6 hrs after withdraw) I thought i am not due any wins? Than I remembered, The small take out, Live help is instant and top nocht & I normally got no time for theses, So all in all yes but please note things do not always go in our favour, If you signed up and lost it be a rip of but as you won its the next best thing since sliced bread (or a nice bird :) ,

Any way glad you lucks in and wish you more to come