DreamVegas Casino - bonus abuse??


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Oct 28, 2018

I deposited on DreamVegas Casino and used their welcome offer of 200% bonus.

I deposited 200 Euro and gambled the 600 Euro on games I like... MEGAWAYS! :) I enjoy them because of the potential.
Sadly I lost my deposit.

When I wanted to play more I was contacted to say I am not allowed to use any more bonuses or promotions because I am a BONUS ABUSER and threatening that they can confiscate my money.

Shortly after being told I am a bonus abuser I got an email with a deposit offer to get me to deposit again. Wow... they just want to steal my deposits??

I asked for more information but they said they have passed my question to be investigated further... I never heard anything back.

I find this so strange. I don't even know what bonus abuse is? And I lost my deposit so if I was a bonus abuser I wouldn't be very good at it!!!

Really frustrating! I am quite angry. I am thinking of doing a credit card chargeback of the deposit amount because my account is useless now.

Does anybody have any advise or previous experience with DreamVegas Casino? Thanks in advanced.


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Jan 22, 2013
Common practice with this group of casinos, you need to keep a cash/bonus ratio of at least 60/40% or you'll be bonus banned.

I would advise against a chargeback on the credit card, because they have done nothing wrong.


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Sep 23, 2016
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You didn't lose your deposit - you played it out. And if you do a chargeback - as Nicola says, the casino has done nothing wrong - then I hope you are banned from every single casino out there as that means you are a cheat.

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