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Mar 10, 2005
Apologies in advance for the long post ;)

As most of you know already, I've always spoken highly of Dream. Until now, they've been good to me; but here recently it seems they're going downhill, as alot of other rooms are.

A little history of this issue:

Having closed my checking account back in July, I approached Dream about Western Union deposits. I was told that they would be happy to reimburse me for any charges I incurred. I then found out that Visa gift cards worked well for funding my Neteller account, and had no reason to use WU...until now. Now that I can't use those gift cards to fund Neteller, I'm stuck with WU, until I decide to get another checking account.

I made a deposit to Dream about 2 weeks ago, and even asked them in Live Chat if my WU charges would be returned to my account. I was told that they would. I kick myself in the a$$ now for not getting a screenshot :D

I emailed them the copy of the email I recieved from WU that stated my deposit amount, as well as their charge. I was told by support that they would refund the charges incurred by using WU on my NEXT deposit, as long as it was over $100. When I sent them the email stating that I would recieve this money on any WU deposits I make, they said they escalated the problem to the "relevant department".

That was one week ago today.

It really sucks that they're doing this. I know it's only $20 we're talking about, but to me it's the principle of the matter.

Here's my letter to Don, and hope to hear something back from him pretty soon.

I'll keep this thread updated on my progress :thumbsup:

Hello Don,

We've talked before, but it's been quite a long time.

Anyways, here's my situation. I was told by Tracy Abbott back in July that if I were to make a deposit using western union (I live in the USA and don't have a checking account, so it's hard to find deposit options nowadays.), Dream would reimburse me the money I was out for the WU charges I incurred.

I emailed support regarding this, and I was told that on my *next* deposit using WU, those would be reimbursed, as long as the deposit was over $100.

Forgive me for saying, but this is totally unacceptable for two reasons.

1. I was told back in July that any and all WU charges would be reimbursed. Not 2 deposits later, but any further deposits. Between July and the time Neteller stopped allowing US accounts to be funded by credit cards, I have made quite a few deposits. Your records will show this.

2. Back in July, I was never told of having to make a minimum deposit of $100 to recoup the WU charges.

If you will kindly check your records, you will see that I have been a loyal customer of Dream for over a year now, and hope to continue our relationship. I realize that this is only over $20 in WU charges, but if these will not be credited to my account, I will be forced to play elsewhere. The reasons for that decision is:

1. Kindly note by the email trail that I have attached, I first approached support *7 DAYS AGO* regarding this situation. I was told the matter had been escalated to the relevant department. Why nobody has gotten back to me, I have no idea. I usually recieve a response from support in a few hours, and at most 2 days if it is a problem that they cannot address directly.

2. Not once, not twice, but *three* times, I had accumulated enough points to be in the Silver club; but yet I never was able to play in the Silver club tournament. When I asked why, the response from support boiled down to the fact that apparently there is 2 weeks of qualifying. I can safely say that points during the first week after the previous Silver club tournament don't count, as they are zeroed out the week after the tournament.

When I suggested to support that they need to let players know of this "black hole" on the dreamsystem.com website, they said it would be done. To this day, it is not.

Hoping for a fast response,
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Couldn't resist but to compare that statement to drivers who park in handicapped spots with their blinkers flashing. They know they're in the wrong, yet "apologize in advance", as if making it alright.

Though carry on, at least I bumped up your post ;)


So that was you that gave me a dirty look when I was parked in that spot....

To me, drivers who are parked in a handicapped spot with their blinkers on are advertising to cops "come give me a ticket!!"
I have a close contact at Dream. If you would like me to help PM me a summary of your Dream Poker issue with your account #.I doubt I can catch them before the weekend but it should hopefully be resolved on Monday if they are able to help.
I have a close contact at Dream. If you would like me to help PM me a summary of your Dream Poker issue with your account #.I doubt I can catch them before the weekend but it should hopefully be resolved on Monday if they are able to help.

I had emailed Don and he finally wrote me back today..I'm waiting on a reply back now...

Update to come soon, I hope ;)

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