"Draw" for Euro 2020 - A Joke?

I've just tried to read the wiki page on it, blimey it sounds complicated...I wonder where the final will be held?

- ah it's wembley I think...

Semi's and the final will be at Wembley. I'm not sure why they would have this tournament across most of Europe and not 1 or 2 countries like it usually is. Between this, nearly every country in Europe being able to qualify and the Nations League the whole setup of international football has become a joke.
We'll never be given the whole tournament again to hold, after brexit, it's been 24 years since the last time, that was a good tournament iirc with stefan kuntz, the nightmare for commentators, scoring the winner :laugh:

edit: I got that wrong :oops:, it was bierhoff, who went onto have a good career in Italy.
We'll negotiate a great deal with UEFA whereby we can still partake in the Euros, after having played 10 knockout preliminaries against San Marino, Luxembourg etc

After which we'll be put in a special Dunce Group, featuring just us and the Khazakstan Over-75s Women Team. All our matches will be played on concrete disused industrial estates, and our players must wear donkey hats
Governing body UEFA decided to stage "a party all over Europe" to mark 60 years since the inaugural Euro tournament. The QF's are in Russia, the Semis and Finals in London as are many of the qualifiers. May as well have staged the whole bloody thing here. Baku, FFS?? Why can't Wales play here too, it's lunacy like that stupid Chelsea-Arsenal UEFA Cup Final.

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