"Draw" for Euro 2020 - A Joke?


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Jun 3, 2013
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Not sure if people follow this but the way the "draw" will take place for the Euro 2020 football championships is the least to say a lousy one.
Even before the draw has taken place some groups have already formed partially.

Belgium already knows it will be placed in a group with Russia and Denmark.
The Netherlands already knows it will be in a group with Ukraine and IF Romania makes it through the play offs they will also be added into this group.
This means both Belgium and The Netherlands already know 2 of the 3 opponents before the draw even has been done and only will find out Friday who they will get out of POT 4.

Some football players also have commented on this via their Twitter Channels or other social media, like for example Kevin De Bruyne.

Years ago it was just a full open draw, now it is all pre-determined by geo locations, political risks (some countries cannot be put in the same group), financial reasons, commercial reasons etc etc etc.

What is your opinion about that guys?
Basically countries that don't provide a stadium are being punished. Now, it's a damn shame we (Belgium) couldn't provide one but that shouldn't work against us. A draw for a tournament should be open, after all these are the best teams in Europe.

If countries can't be in groups with some others because of political reasons those countries shouldn't be allowed to participate, simple as that. What if they meet eachother further on in the tournament? Empty stadium?
not if we (Iceland) have anything to do with it :D but first we got to go through playoffs in Mars :)

I really do hope they make the play offs but it will be difficult.
Only 1 of 4 teams will go through.

I always had a soft spot for Iceland, even when they butt wiped The Netherlands, we were simply not good enough those years.

Now we are back with a young and very talented team.
Whahaha yeah the German group is sweeeeeet...

I am happy with our group, looks good to qualify for knock out stages ^^

Hoping Ireland will qualify too but I am afraid that will be a bridge too far for them..
In the group, England's games will all be at Wembley. Assuming they win the group we would have to play either Portugal, Germany or France in the first knockout in Dublin. If not, last 16 would be in Copenhagen against the 2nd. team from Spain's group.

Russia couldn't be drawn with Ukraine, England against the Irish republic and I think there was a few other fixtures with security issues. We could still play Sturgeon's Stormtroopers though if they get through their play-off games, because they would be in our group.
Basically countries that don't provide a stadium are being punished

In the group, England's games will all be at Wembley

hey :confused: what's going on with this euro 2020 then, why isn't it being held in the normal way? I must've missed this, I thought it was being held across 2 countries like a joint affair/partnership...

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