Question Dragonz (MGS) - Which feature to pick?


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Jun 3, 2013
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Hey guys,

I am playing Dragonz a lot lately as I really like the slot.
Now I wonder what feature you guys prefer.

Most of the times I pick Flint's Flaming Wilds as it can pay huge.
Managed to get 7 wilds max and it paid me a very nice 550x bet.
I haven't won anything over 15x bet on any of the other features tho.
The sticky win wilds have potential if you get them early and get more wilds but hasn't worked for me yet.
The frozen wilds disappear after 2 spins I believe so to build up a decent win the wilds have to drop in very quickly otherwise this feature is no good.
Last but not least the stored wilds,the purple dude. I have no clue what good this feature can be as all it does on the end is spit out 3 random wilds.

So is Flint the best choice? Or do you guys prefer a different FS feature?


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Feb 3, 2017
I must have spun this game 300 times at 80c - $1.50 bets and won the feature once.

But I did win something like 150x my bet in the feature, when the red dragon blew his fire wilds all over the place. I also got about a 100x win in the base game on one spin and some other minor credits.

Overall though I think I am down.

But I do like this game!

I think you can only choose your feature after winning the feature ten times...long way to go.

I did read somewhere else that the red flame dragon has better prospects for better wins in feature choice.


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Aug 9, 2013
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I have also been playing this slot a far bit also, it is one of MG's better releases lately.

Like you I would choose Flint almost every time, I have hit a few over 500 times bet getting 8 wilds is the best I have hit. But this also can be very bad not even giving you one wild.

The fat green dragon feature I hardly choose as I know how frustrating it can be.

Frozen wilds I never choose.

The stashed wilds feature has paid me a few hits in the 200-300 times bet range, I don't mind this feature, because if you store one wild and have no spins left it keeps on spinning until you collect the three wilds before using them. When the three wilds are used they normally are placed fairly nicely, like on reels 2,3 and 4 so it can pay nice if you hit a few extra wilds on that spin.


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Jan 17, 2014
1 or 4 for me. Flint or the sticky wilds. I find both to either be really good or very bad. Very bad like 85% of the time. But ive hit 200-300x a couple times on flint or the other one

I played this yesterday and got an 80x on the wild collecting feature so i think those are your average payout picks


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Oct 20, 2010
These games need a random button once all feature are unlocked, with this and Jurassic Park I always had more luck when it was randomly picked.
As for Dragonz I had the best wins on the flame (red) one.


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Jan 22, 2016
I also like that game, pushed out completely cold Jurassic Park.

As others said, Flint has the biggest potential. I managed to get eight wilds on last spin 4 times (sadly twice was just a very cruel teaser/nearmiss). So far my best result is 524x. It is very, very streaky and I would say that you need to have good day on this. I had series od 5 "Flint's" below 15x (18x was top, others were below 5x!!!). On the other hand, I had this ckuster: 167x, 58x, 62x, 385x (four scatter trigger), 121x.

Dragonz came to casino where I play 3 weeks ago and I picked Flint 80 times, Switch 11, Frost 4 and Gobble 7 times. I don't count what software gave me in first 12 bonuses. So, I am like Dunover, he sticks to Thor and I stick to Flint :cool:

However,. I know thiis is not good, but I don't like those winning wilds, they are so rare, although Gobble is not that cruel as Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park.

Switch is somethnig like sure win, 15x - 30x, you can alway rely on fact that you will get some good spin with at least 3 wilds winning combo (and not like Flint when he fires wilds to last three reels without the link).

Frost - I can't understand that feature, I find it so negative, you are expecting no-winning wild. MG should make something with multiplier because bonuses are very, very unbalanced.


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Jan 1, 2012
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Played this a fair bit.

And the only one that consistenly lays is Switch.

Not massive wins, but it pays everytime. I can pick any of the othet 3 and get bugger all.