Dragon Palace Casino Disappeared with My Money (and Winnings)


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Apr 6, 2005
United States

These guys had a great new player bonus offer early this year. After calling and speaking to a cordial guy named Jeff (sounded American), I took up the promotion, deposited $200 for a $200 bonus, and finished playing at over $500 in withdrawable funds according to their terms. This is a casino based in Costa Rica, and the management abrubtly changed sometime in Feb 2005. Upon contacting the new casino manager, Carlos, via phone, I was assured I'd be paid by the beginning of March. No payment arrived, spoke to Carlos again, and was assured payment by the end of March. Again, no payment arrived, no one answered their phone anymore, and I could no longer log in to my account.

Casinomeister was notified about this, and received similar complaints from other players. He has not gotten a chance to investigate, and I was wondering where do I go from here? Dragon Palace looks like it uses independent software. Am I just out of luck?

Their former number was 1-888-78 DRAGON. Can anyone get through to these guys?
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I'm in the same boat as you with these guys. I deposited there at the beginning February played and had my account up to about $450. I tried withdrawing multiple times but nothing. They replied to a couple of initial emails regarding wagering questions, but stopped responding later. I tried calling them multiple times but the phone was never answered. The only reason I did them was my friend mentionned how he'd done them just a few days earlier and how they had paid him within a few hours. I guess I chose a very unforunate time, the instant that they turned bad. If anyone has had luck getting paid please let me know.

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