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May 3, 2006
A little backstory before I begin.

I deposited $100 there for $125 in bonus money..Their site states that the bonus will be in my account within 24 hours..Well I made the mistake of playing before getting my bonus, which of course I busted. I had to wait 5 days..I talked to multiple Pitboss's, sent multiple emails to their CS..even tried to contact their CS thru ICQ(but that person is always OFFLINE). BUT I finally got my bonus.

After all this trouble I no longer really cared to play there, so I wrote CS asking if they could drop my Wagering Requirements since I had already busted my deposit. They never replied back with an answer, but my wagering requirements were dropped. So I decided to cash out..but I decided to drop $25 back to the house so they couldn't label me as an abuser.

Fast forward about 5 days and I get an email from their CS stating "That I have not completed my W.R. and that my withdrawal has been returned to my account." So im pretty much pissed at this point at all the shit they've put me thru. Im sending them an email..hoping to convince them to let me withdrawal my initial deposit..but dont want to sound too harsh.

Here is what Ive prepared for them. Any input on making my email more successful from fellow members would be appreciated.

In a recent email I told CS that I had busted my original deposit and asked if they could waive my wagering requirements. When I later logged onto my account it showed that I no longer had any wagering requirements to complete, so I can only assume the W.R. was lifted. Now you are telling me that I still have W.R to complete, yet it doesn't show up in my Cashier window..

I had to wait 5 days, talked to multiple PitBoss's, and I sent multiple emails to CS just to get my bonus. I went through alot of aggravation to get the bonus when I expected it within 24 hours, yet I still played on at your site and ended up going bust. The least that could be done for all my aggravation would be to waive my W.R. which was previously done, and now it has been overturned. I would kindly ask that you once again remove my wagering requirements.

> From: CasinoManager@DrHo888.com
> Subject: DrHo888.com Withdrawal Request - Cancellation
> Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 02:39:55 -0400
> Dear Mr. Eubank,
> Thank you for your NETeller withdrawal request in the amount of $99.00 from your DrHo888.com account.
> You qualified for our 100% Welcome deposit bonus and 25% First Time Non-Credit Card deposit bonus on your $100.00 initial deposit. However, you have only placed $1,196.00 of bets. The promotion clearly states that players must wager 20x the amount deposited + bonus before withdrawing. Therefore, you must place another $3,304.00 of bet before you can withdraw your balance.
> Accordingly, we have cancelled your withdrawal requested and deposited the $99.00 back to your account.
> We will be happy to process your withdrawal request once you have met the wager requirements.
> Regards,
> DrHo888.com Casino Manager
> www.DrHo888.com
> "Real Dealers. A Real Game. The Real Deal."
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Ok, where to start....

1. The bonus probably didnt show the wagering requirements because someone in support had to credit an 'odd' bonus (meaning manually credited). So when the bonus showed up at first did it show a WR? and only later had the WR disappeared?

2. I have never heard of anyone ever losing their deposit first before being credited the bonus only to follow up with a plea for leniency on the coming bonus? Does this really work? On a regular (or even 1 in 1,000) basis?
Personally, I'm surprised they just didn't come back and claim bonus abuse. What you're basically asking them for is a 99% refund on your $100 deposit that you gambled and lost.

Why should they honor this?
When they credited my bonus after I busted, it did show a wagering requirement in the cashier window. After I contacted CS and asked them to drop the Wagering Requirements..the wagering requirements disappeared from the cashier window, so I can only assume they did drop my W.R.

*This line edited because Im pretty sure Im a dolt* Carry On.
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Even so, like anything that has to do with money, online or off, get it in writing.

Seems like a coincidence to me.

Since there's no paper trail, there's no recourse.

I'd say just try and complete the WR and see what happens. I doubt you'll get this (read: their) money back without doing that, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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Stainszilla said:
And it never hurts to ask them to drop your W.R. if you go bust on your initial deposit. Some sites actually will do it for you.

I seriously doubt the above statement. I know casinos will drop the WR if you lose the BONUS as well as the deposit. Not one or the other.
Your right..but it doesn't hurt to ask when they put you thru so much trouble to get the bonus. Can't blame a guy for trying and in this case it looks like they did do me a favor, then took it back.

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