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Dec 26, 2001
Does anyone knows anything about www.DrHo888.com ?
Have anyone play at this casino before. It seems that this casino is using identical software used by a EX-CASINo called First Live.

The software is by www.casinoreality.com

I am not sure if this casino (Dr Ho.com) is really operated and owned by Stanely Ho of Macau.

Any comments ?
A poster from Dr. Ho with the handle "Dr.Ho Casino Manager" has been very active over at Winneronline lately and has given a lot of detail on their two internet casinos that you might find interesting. Type in the handle in the search panel over there and it should bring all his posts up.
Jetset, thanks for your info.
i think I have been 'out of touch" on this area of the business for sometime.... everyone knows except me ....

anyway I have just spoken to one of the person in charge in NY over the phone ( nice lady ). Yes it is owned by Stanley Ho alright

My view is that this casino will beats the rest for sure...at least in honesty and game intergrity.


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