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Discussion in 'Poker Complaints' started by mn001, Jan 13, 2007.

    Jan 13, 2007
  1. mn001

    mn001 Experienced Member

    First of all, this entire story is all about $25...

    So two weeks ago I decided to try a pokersite. I decided to try Doylesroom. Did my research and found the deal 27% rakeback and signup bonus of $550 after 165k actionpoints. I deposited $500 via epassporte...

    Then after I had 15,000 actionpoints my account was suddenly limited in some way. I talked to them and they said they had to talk to me and verify things. Took some time that evening but then everything was ok again. Right after this I was in my account page and noticed they now had a reload bonus page added. So when I was already speaking to them I asked if I could have a reload bonus from them. Yeah sure I was told and he (the one I talked to before who verified my account) gave me a 25% reload bonus and the code to use (will not post the code here). I asked about the terms, and it was only 1000 points required to clear per $25. I just made a small $100 deposit... played the required hands. Now the problem begins.

    Talk to them the day after since I never got the $25 and am told I can't have this bonus because I have not completed the signup bonus yet. Then I speak to the one giving me the bonus the day before and he tells me I should have it but it just takes some time because its a new thing they started with. Ok no problems, I wait...

    One or two days later I decided to email instead. I'm now told I will not get it. Speak to the one giving it to me again and he say I will get it really soon... then the day after that a new one tells me I shall get it + the one giving it to me. But the one via email tells me I will not get it.

    So during the few days I played here I paid them $300 in rake. I would probable give them several thousands of $'s this year and the years to come in rake.

    Now I will just await my 27% rakeback then I will close my account with them.

    And Doylesroom, if you read this, you can keep my $25!
  2. Jan 14, 2007
  3. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    I've never heard of Doyle's giving anyone a reload. That is odd. I'm sure that is part of the confusion here. Support might have told you something they could not do. Obviously that should not be your fault though.
  4. Jan 14, 2007
  5. mn001

    mn001 Experienced Member

    Its a new thing they started with... this chat conversation confirms what I say is true.

    BTW, I have given up on this pokerroom and just wait for my rakeback then the account will be closed. I know its only $25, but next time it might be $25,000.

    ** (00:20:46): you gave me a 25% reload code yesterday and i deposited $100, now they ay i wont get the $25 bonus
    ** (00:21:24): so why did you gave me that code? i deposited thinking i should get the $25
    Host-Diego (00:21:32): one moment
    Host-Diego (00:22:10): you made a deposit for
    Host-Diego (00:22:14): $100
    ** (00:22:17): yes
    Host-Diego (00:22:24): so you're entitled
    Host-Diego (00:22:28): to a 25%
    Host-Diego (00:22:29): bonus
    Host-Diego (00:22:37): but i explained to you yesterday
    Host-Diego (00:22:48): it's a one time rollover
    Host-Diego (00:22:54): so you need to earn a total
    Host-Diego (00:22:56): of
    Host-Diego (00:23:07): 1000 action points before you get the bonus
    ** (00:23:31): yeah i know and i did... i started at 16203 points, now i have 19695
    ** (00:23:44): and this is almost a day since i cleared
    Host-Diego (00:26:22): ok
    Host-Diego (00:26:27): i was asking around
    Host-Diego (00:26:30): and
    Host-Diego (00:26:40): since we just launched this program
    Host-Diego (00:27:08): it's not asfast as it should i'm gonna send an email to the person in charge of this for him to look into this
    ** (00:27:21): ok
    ** (00:27:29): well i wait then, thanks for looking into it
    ** (00:27:43): bye
  6. Jan 18, 2007
  7. maaster

    maaster Experienced Member webmeister

    utrecht, netherlands
    Lucky you! you got a response (in a strange sort of way)

    whats up with doyle's room changing all the passwords for ALL the accounts?
    i saw this flashing by when i tried to logon to the site.

    i emailed them for the reset password 3 times..

    nothing happend except the 3 nice automated "your message was received blabla" messages :notworthy

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