Doyles to return to Dobrosoft?


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May 7, 2004
Poker site was built on the reputation and legend that is Doyle Brunson. The man is often referred to as godfather of poker, he has published several books and won many high-profile poker tournaments. His endorsement, along with several highly successful marketing campaigns, including allowing new customers to transfer VIP points earned with competitors to, made the brand one of the most high profile in the industry. But Doyles was left in damage control after Tribeca Tables, its software provider, announced it would no longer take US players. This demographic is critical to Doyles, as it represents over 95% of its player base.

Now, according to an insider at Doyles, the Poker site is considering going back to poker provider Dobrosoft. Leaving Dobrosoft for Tribeca was a good move at the time. Tribeca offered a better product and a rapidly growing Network. The source said. We are Tribecas biggest skin. After (Tribecas) announcement that they would not take US players, we started to
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A lot of poker providers are behind Doyle's business.

However I don't see them going back to Dobrosoft. I heard Dobrosft was recently sold. Their biggest skin was PokerHost and they recently moved to Tribeca. (bad for the by the way)...

Rumors of several big skins buying Tribeca's US market have been heard here in Costa Rica.

In the coming 6 months everyone will be keeping an eye on Doyle's, Chandler and Golden Palace...

I wouldn't be surprisded Doyle joining PokerStars, Absolute or other major brand.
I believe you may be right here - Doyle's has reportedly been speaking to at least two big guns in the business recently.

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