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They are a part of the APEX network formerly known as Victor Chandler/Golden Palace. I am almost positive Golden Palace banks Doyle's Room. GP is infamous for stall tactics in paying (my $100 win took 25 days) but yet they had no problem paying something like $25,000 for a 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich and even more for a cane or something similar that was allegedly haunted. I would check into who banks Doyle's Room, if it was Golden Palace I would pass.
I should mention they asked me to supply ID over and over, they lost it, then it wasnt legible, then one was legible one wasnt. Out of the 20+ poker rooms I have ever cashed out of they are the only one that has ever asked for ID, to me at least it was just an obvious stall tactic.
Doylesroom support and cashier are NOT managed by GoldenPalace or VictorChandler. They don't have ridiculous cashout/ID requirements at this point.
I read somewhere that they share Support with Platinum? Whatever I was reading implied that eventually they would have their own separate support. I have no idea where they stand currently. I agree with above, however. If it's anything like that described for Golden Palace, I'll pass until they get their own.

I hope someone can provide accurate up-to-date info. I think I'd really like to play there someday.

Just got Super System 2 about three days ago. It's GREAT! :thumbsup:
They appear to be powered by Platinum. It would be sad to see such a respectable name (Doyle Brunson) associated with Golden Palace and friends...
Guys, if you ever have questions/problems with cashouts or anything in particular you need to discuss about, or any of the poker rooms that belong to the Platinum Poker network just send an email to

She will be able to answer your questions to your satisfaction

She is great (I admit I am biased lol) :cool:

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