Doyle's Room Leaves US Market


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
It has been reported by Gambling 911 that Doyle's will not be finding a new home to accept US players. Effective March 1st Doyle's will no longer allow their US players to play. They already do not accept new US players. I have yet to confirm this from anyone other then that source. Any other sources out there able to confirm this?
911 certainly seems to have a very close connection to Doyle's sp perhaps they have this before anyone else. I haven't seen the report elsewhere.....yet.
They retracted the initial report that Doyles was pulling out of the US. So Doyle will be back on a new software platform.
Of all the operators Doyle Brunson is probably the most vulnerable, being on US soil and an American, so perhaps it's a case of discretion being the better part of valour...or maybe a tactical move until things become a little clearer.

Either way it's a pity, but with Tribeca-Playtech pulling the rug out before they had a chance to get alternatives in place things must have been difficult for them....maybe even the last straw.

It will be interesting to see where Doyle's goes from here; whether Brunson and a few other heavyweights found their own (offshore?) network as is being rumoured.

The confusion over the press release was almost farcical, I thought - either really bad operator-PR company comms or a truly dynamic series of decisions!
I have a hunch Doyles will be back... on a different platform. Just a hunch.

Meanwhile I understand Full Tilt will allow players to transfer all funds, points and bonuses from Doyles to them... at least you won't lose anything that way.

As Doyle's Room backs out of the US, Full Tilt reportedly fills the vacuum

Perhaps triggered by transfers of Doyle's Room poker players across to Full Tilt with full priveleges, the rumours are currently rife that Full Tilt has acquired the US operations of the popular poker site by outbidding rival There are also reports that Doyles Room player accounts are currently being transfered en masse to Full Tilt Poker.

As InfoPowa went to press there had been no response to our enquiries with both sites seeking to clarify the situation and obtain more information on the alleged takeover.

However, the US withdrawal by Doyle's now seems set in stone after yesterday's corporate and communications confusion (see earlier InfoPowa bulletins). A press release from PR representative Kevin Mercuri at confirmed the closedown of US operations was due to the UIGEA and that new sign-ups for the Costa Rican based online poker room would be immediately stopped. will not permit US-based play with effect from March 1, 2007, although the site will continue serving non-US players and will increase its focus on Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The release quotes a spokesperson as saying: In view of the passage of the UIGEA and the cessation of operations by Neteller and other payment processors, the management of has reluctantly decided not to permit online real money play by US-based players at

Players will find some consolation in the orderly nature of the Doyle's pull-out, which gives them options.

"We know this will come as a disappointment to you but we have taken the view that the most prudent course of action at this time to ensure the security of player funds is to conduct an orderly withdrawal from the United States market," said in an email.

Players' funds remain secure with the poker room, though management warns cash outs may take longer than usual to process as a result of the expected high withdrawal demand from U.S. players.

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