Download times - what's reasonable?



I am wondering what you would call a reasonable
download time for casino games. Last night, I spent approximately 1 hour downloading a casino with a 56K modem. Am I right in thinking that this is a rather long time?

What sort of times should i normally look for when
wanting to download?

I would appreciate if you could get back to me about this.

Many thanks
Hi Jay,

I agree, one hour is a bit too long (which casino was it??) Most game packages range from 4 to 8 mb. Now a 56k modem should be able to download this no longer than 20-30 minutes, depending on the trafic of course.

I'm in Germany with a ISDN line. I had to abort a download last night of some casino software because it was taking to damn long. Unfortunately the website ( doesn't state how large the file is the download page (listen up casino companies!) If i knew exactly how large the file was (I had already downloaded 8mbs), I may not have aborted the download since I would have known exactly how much would be left to download. We pay for our connections here by the minute.

IMO -- The casinos need to design these download pakages to be no larger than 6mb. I feel that many of these companies are not aware that the Internet behaviors of non-US residents are much different than those residing in the states. 30 minutes is way, way too long.

Wake up and smell the Kaffee!

Dear Bryan/Jay, chose to host our games (for download) on an ftp site because they normally offer a clearer line. The unfortunate trade off is that we could not immediately support a 'time remaining' bar (which you get when downloading from an http site).

We are working to remedy this situation at the moment, putting a 'time remaining' service on the ftp and offering geographically closer download sites.

This would tell you the exact size of the file and forecast download times based on current traffic in your area.

And the reason our downloads take slightly longer than normal? Well, to differentiate ourselves from the average online casino and licensee, we have developed our own games, from the ground up. Our games are graphically superb, with close attention paid to lighting and the overall look and feel of a quality, Eastern-themed casino.

Every card, dice and spin of the wheel is fantastically animated, great to look at and even better to play on!

We hope that this makes the extra few minutes worthwhile.
Proprietary software would be ok if it didn't cheat. To prove that the casino at cheats (or at least can do if it feels like it) I wagered 250 spins in roulette betting on four numbers each time. I never hit a number once. That is over a trillion to one chance. Strangely, I'm not even geting any replies to emails. I've sent emails to all the casino's email addresses I've been given. This is one of the emails I sent:


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