Download Inetbet and get a bug ??


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Nov 9, 2001
I downloaded Inetbet through the linkage in "reputable casinos" here at CM.

SpySweeper gave me this warning:
Riviera Gold Casino was detected running in memory.

Description: Riviera Gold Casino is an online gaming casino that is bundled with numerous free software programs.

Would you like to run a sweep of your system to remove this threat ??

I used SpySweeper to remove Riviera Gold.
Then I could not log back into Inetbet.
DL again and got the same message.

Why - Inetbet or CM ??
** two cards, it would seem that most casinos now listed in the spyware category... It would also seem that casinos resort to drastics tactics to get advertising. Do you have a bug? Possibly, but probably not. **

I ran Spybot last week, and deleted all they suggested-- After that I clicked on my icon for INETBET, and message came on the screen that said "Updating lobby" The next message said that update failed. CLicked on the icon for INETBET on my desktop and nothing happened. Tried the other RTG on my computer ( Breakaway) and the exact thing happened. Could not bring up either program from the program list or desktop icon. I ended up just deleted both. Have not tried downloading either program again.
I had this same problem in the past and was informed here and in many other places that these Spyware programs treat casino software as Spyware. For some reason the 'Riviera Gold' warning comes up no matter what software you have installed, Microgaming or RTG. This is not a Spyware put there by iNetBet but it is something that is necessary for the casino software to run. My guess would be that the Spyware cleaning software is programmed to detect a certain file in Riviera Gold's casino software (when they were developing the programs) so anytime it finds this shared or similar file from other casino installations it labels it as 'Riviera Gold' Remove iNetBet using the remove programs option in the control panel (if you use Windows) and then download and re install the software. Don't remove 'Riviera Gold' the next time you run the Spyware program. If you can't access it even after re installing turn off the protection that the Spyware cleaner may be running that could be blocking this file from being installed due to your choice of removing it, then repeat the steps above.

*IMPORTANT* After you uninstall iNetBet, reboot your computer before downloading and installing again.

Hope this helps.
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Hello to all at Casinomeister.
May I thank Black21Jack for answering the issue brought up by two-card so concisely.
I can assure everyone that we do not run any form of Spyware in the iNetBet casino software. If this problem occurs please try doing as Black21Jack has instructed and this should solve any problems.
If you are still having troubles after following these instructions simply drop a mail and we will endeavor to solve any problems that may be occurring.
Best Regards
Emily Hanson
Adaware will find "spyware" in nearly all microgaming sites but its not spyware, its a cookie that remembers your log in details. If you let adaware delete it, next time you log in you have to manually adjust all your user settings again.

My guess is that casinos wouldnt have malicious tracking stuff attached, I cant see what benefit it would have. If the "spyware" makes you go to a website and buy something that means less cash to lose at their casino!!!
Inetbet update

I did download INETBET again, and all is fine. Will have to watch what I delete with Spybot and Adaware in the future.
tim5ny said:
And a sleazy casino operator would never lie to you! Remember that!
Am I hallucinating? What the hell Tim? You're a long time poster in this forum, and you know better than this. Was this a typo or what? I'm waiting for an explanation.

I expect you like everyone else to show some respect to other members of this board.
** I would suggest the following... If you are a online player, and you have downloaded the casino software, and you see that casino's name listed in the spyware program, it is probably best not to delete it... However, if it is from a casino that you don't know, and never played at or downloaded, but you have been to their website, then delete it.
IF it is a casino you don't know at all, never been to, never played at, never visited the website, delete it. That is the best way... Like I said before, it is unfortuanately the way the casinos are now listed in the programs, and it cannot do harm, if anything, it will become seriously annoying should you delete it and then have to re-download your casino because nothing works.. it is a pain! (yeah, experience tought me that lesson!) **
Unfortunately this does not work. The problem is that the anti-spyware programs are unreliable, the one two_card used misidentified Inetbet as Riviera Gold. I had one which misidentified all Microgaming casinos as Golden Tiger, which I never had on my computer, and all Playtechs as Golden Palace, which I did not have either. Moreover, it detected the font files common to all Playtechs, which cannot possibly be spyware. Look at the diagnosis: "Description: Riviera Gold Casino is an online gaming casino that is bundled with numerous free software programs." I have never seen a casino bundled with another free program. Another common one is that "Casino XYZ installs by stealth, no uninstaller provided", which is again not true of any of the casinos I used. I would recommend that you don't trust spyware programs when it comes to casinos, except for removing cookies.
tim5ny said:
And a sleazy casino operator would never lie to you! Remember that!

Geezzzzzz, Emily is FAR from sleazy and iNetBet is my fav. casino to play..I have loaded it a few times and haven't had anything show up as spyware or anything else...
Unicorn, check the date of Tim's post (Jan. 2005) -- probably long forgotten comment and I agree that Emily/Inetbet are the best!
No name calling, please

Please guys and gals, no name calling. This is too great a forum for that!
We all do our share of teasing, especially between some of the longtime members, but I hate to see this nasty stuff!
What games are you guys playing that actually pay? I have deposited several times and have yet to make a withdrawal. I can go up to 20 spins without getting ANY return. I'm not talking about betting $1 and getting $.50 back, I'm talking about 0.

What am I doing wrong?

The software also hangs up A LOT and gives me a debugger error when I ctrl + alt + delete. I just found this thread though.

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