Don't waste your time with Nostalgia


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
I decided to have a look at the Meisters special bonus casinos. Ironically enough, this was partly due to nostalgia as I haven't played any RTG's for years. (Due to their poor or non-existant bonuses, suspect honesty of their software, and annoyingly fast game play!).

The Nostalgia bonus is a joke. In my opinion any bonus that is completely removed from your account when you make a withdrawal is not really a bonus in the first place! It's as much use as a chocolate teapot!

The Phoenician one is a bit better, because though you can't withdraw it, at least you get to keep the bonus in your account, giving you a chance to use it repeatedly, and some hope of recovering your losses.
So I decided to throw away $100 with them, just for 'old times sake'. I did manage to meet the WR, though it was a struggle & I lost all my deposit & half the bonus in the process. I still think RTG software is a bit 'dodgy' though, and an example is below.
Playing PaiGow you would think an Ace-high flush is quite a safe hand - unless, of course, the dealer has a Full-house with a pair of bullets to back it up! :(
The Nostalgia bonus is actually great, assuming you can trust the casino :D Just put your whole balance on one hand of BJ and withdraw afterwards - gives you great odds on a more or less 50/50 shot. Though the chocolate teapot comparison does apply if you lose the hand...

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