Don't play in Sci-fi-casino!!!


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Oct 22, 2001
Strong Warning

I know most of you here don't play in Sci-fi-casino anyway. But in case someone still play in there or plan to play in there. Play at your own risk. The risk involving deduct all your previous granted bonus, and that was done after you wagered whatever the amount required and cashout. And new concept according to their casino about non-risk betting: flat bet at BJ, flat bet at Baccarat (game not allowed any more anyway), betting on pass with odds only or betting on don't pass with odds only (you can't do that, not even once), and no proof of receiving promo email.

Don't need to question me where I got those rules, those are my personal experience with them. Believe me, you won't get a penny from them after that. And don't need to confirm with their CSR, because they will tell you everything is fine, but @#%$ happens when you cashout. The must be losing big after those promos, and try to get it back from the players. The whole thing looks like a trap. Don't fall for it.
As I am still dealing with them right now, I won't post any 'live chat' converstations and emails between their CSRs/manager and I at this moment. But that day is close. I will post them all when hell breaks.

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