Don't know whose spam, but if some else wants it?


Grumpy old gal
Hi. Got a little spam today that I had not seen yet. More creative than most.

Your account has already been credited

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this message was intended for:
70 Kaisergasse, KUFSTEIN-KAISERTAL , Austria 6330
I don't really know how to copy all the headers and stuff, but came from Ross Dwyer <>, and a "some pictures blocked" message, which I almost always got. And there was actually some formatting in the text that did not reproduce here, and clickable links

But I went to, and his page says hello

Fellow went to a little more work than the average spammer...I'm not clicking anything, but if anyone else would like to investigate, more than happy to help by forwarding.

At least this ninny bought a domain name rather than a gmail address.


Grumpy old gal
Sofia, that one was about 5 months ago. It's been consigned to the recycle bin and dumped by now.

Welcome to the forum.

I know there are a trememdous amount of postings to read when you first join, but try to look at the dates.

And if you are good at this kind of stuff, I will keep you in mind for future spam. Glad to have another spam warrior here.