Don't Forget..

I'm glad I didn't forget, it's my first time in the money at the Casinomeister Freeroll (my poker name there is ColU_FC).

I'll never, ever, winge about a bad beat again. I handed out so many last night it was embarassing. To all of you who were on the receiving end I give my most humble apologies.

Thanks again to Chatmaster for organising these freerolls. You've haven't played in them recently Chatmaster, we miss you.
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Hi everyone

I miss playing in these freerolls as well but this will probable continue for a while still. I have a huge problem with getting an internet connection at home and we only have one service provider in this country so service is not worth mentioning. But hopefully soon I can get into things again :thumbsup: I am just glad to see you all remembering that these Freerolls are still on! I have scheduled them ahead so every 2 weeks it will take place.

I will also soon update the leader board. :thumbsup:
MeMeMeMeMe said:
I'm glad I didn't forget, it's my first time in the money at the Casinomeister Freeroll (my poker name there is ColU_FC).
Ah-ha! So you're the one & only supporter of Colchester United! :D

It probably was you bad-beating me then - I just knew I hadn't seen MeMeMeMeMe at my table!

What position did you finish in, and who won (if not you)?
Mmmm MeMeMeMeMe was indeed 1st according to my system

These were the players :D

1 MeMeMeMeMe
2 Mallorca
3 idleguy
4 andyhinckley
5 imnotac
6 trade
7 ternur
8 chuchu59
9 rocio_ximena
10 roscorude
11 KasinoKing
12 TheMainer
14 AcesFulKings
15 Cerberus
16 largeeyes
How do I get involved???

Would love to play in these free rolls. Love to play poker. How do I go about getting involved? :confused:
Hi Tdoggy

So far you are on the right track :D , you just need to click in my signature and register for the freerolls once, then you will be registered for all future freerolls. :thumbsup:
think I'm in

Ok I made up a name and I didn't have an account number so I left that blank. And I used my casinomeister name. Hope that does it. Thanks chatmaster :thumbsup:

I think you first have to download and register an account at poker333, and if you already have an account at any of the Prima poker rooms, your alias will need to be the same. If you don't have an account and alias at one of the Prima rooms already, then you can choose an alias when you register and then let Chatmaster know what it is. If you have an alias already (at anywhere else within the Prima network), use that alias but still set up a new account at Prima. Some people had some problems initially setting up their Poker333 accounts if they already have a Prima account, and if you experience this, just call Poker333 for some help with your registration. Good luck!!
Thanks Trade

Sorry Trade never thanked you. I Downloaded the software and signed up. Then got in contact with Chatmaster and he said I'm in! Thanks again for the instructions. :thumbsup:

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