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Dec 24, 2005
I found <please remove xxx from URL> xxx after doing a google search, they seemed like they had their sh#t together and supplied many forms of contact including boasting offices in the UK & USA. At the time and before I purchased I phoned the USA office, however as it was out of office hours the recorded message didn't phase me.

Well I purchased 25K of traffic which was supposed to be premium quality target to the USA, Canada & New Zealand. Fortunately purchase was made thru paypal. Fours days later and no responses to my emails & or phone details left and no traffic from BuyHits, I lodge a dispute with PayPal. Two hours after this I receive an email from the owner. He said he'd had server issues and that if I drop the complaint he'd throw me another 10K of traffic to make up for the inconvenience. Within 10min traffic started to flow so I dropped the dispute.

<whatever you do if you ever have to lodge a PayPal dispute don't ever cancel it. If you do you have no come back and PayPal wont re-open it. You basically do your dough or any chance of PayPal assisting in mediating a solution.>

For the first few days the traffic was premium. Problem is after 48 hours it started coming from MP3 sites, bollywood sites and basically turned into garbage traffic. For every 1K of traffic claimed to be sent I was being taxed 400 hits. So really only 600 was being sent per 1K claimed. The only thing it increased was my monthly bandwdith quota :eek:

Fortunately I didn't get stung too much $139 but a buddy of mine got bit for well over $400. Just thought I'd post here to warn any webmasters that are contemplating traffic buys, be really, really careful. Forget about popups or pop under traffic they just don't work, regardless of what your told. Redirected expired domain traffic is good if you buy from legitimate sources :thumbsup:
Never, ever buy any bulk traffic like this!!!

It is all a scam, all of it.

The really bad ones are computer generated hits, completely fake. The "better" ones are generated in sweatshops in India or China where people are paid by the click and spend all day going "click, click, click, click...."

Some of it is computer generated and channeled through a website the seller owns so it looks like it has a legitimate origin.

It's all a scam and I can't even believe it is still going on. Been going on for years.

Good traffic is hard to come by and it certainly isn't sold by tens of thousands of hits for a hundred dollars or two. Just not going to happen.

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