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Jul 5, 2003
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I think that the value of good quality domains in the casino industry will shoot up.

If we are all going to depend on SEO for traffic, a good URL can be invaluable.

yes, you are right. it is good idea to take the domain related to your business keywords. as google ranks well for the domain in which we use the keywords related to our business.
I hope you're right about domain names going up in value, because I've got some good ones I plan to sell.

LOL--when you have twin daughters (20 months), finding the time to build 100 websites on 100 domains is impossible.
poker domains are hot hot hot, gone gone gone.

i'm lucky enough to own hahapoker, halfpoker.

i just bought 2more, ??? and ??????????

maybe the best of the rest poker domains, can you tell what are they?

hint, $ involved.

prize, a beer, cold beer! :lolup:

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