Domain Name Scammers

From The Article said:
Users trying to access the site would be treated to a barrage of pop-up ads and when the web surfer clicked on the ad's close button or tried to go back using their browser, special code would launch even more advertising

Hope Brandy don't read this ;)
Even more clever cyberscumbags register domain names that have common mistakes in their spelling, like transposed letters, and put porn sites on them. I had an incident once at work where a guy was getting in hot water because according to the web filter in the server room, he was accessing porn sites every day. Come to find out, he was trying to access the local paper and transposing 2 letters in the name. Even looking at the domain name in the list a couple of times, I didn't notice it was wrong and couldn't figure out why it was coming up as porn. Wasn't until I tried typing it in myself a couple of times and transposed them myself once and got the porn explosion on the screen that I figured out what happened. Poor guy! Though he legitimately was surfing for porn prior to that incident, so he wasn't completely innocent. But I was pretty impressed by the ingenuity of these scumbags. Gotta give them an A for creativity.

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