Your Input Please Does winning make you happier?

Winning makes me ELATED, which is not the same as happiness. There is a contentment to happiness that is not there with elation.

Lack of money can cause unhappiness, and when we worsen it by losing what little we have, or could use on something else, that's rough.

I think the losing is part of the thrill. I'm a better gambler online than I was land based, but when you only have $40, and that's all you have, and it's not enough, the decisions you make with NO MONEY are non-existent, compared to having to make decisions with not enough money, if that makes sense to some of you. There can be a sense of relief when you lose it all, as no further decisions need to be made.

I was depressed when I won big (chronic since my youth), and I never got through it, although it was easier to get through and find periods of happiness with money in the bank, but it also let me gamble a lot more frequently. I also did a number of things that make me happy. Sad is the opposite of happy, not depressed, depressed is a medical condition, happinessness is a choice.

Win or lose, I choose happiness. Or at least the "pursuit of happiness".

I do however choose escapism at many points. Gambling is pretty good for that, but when I can't afford to gamble, video games and movies help fill that gap.

Or free play even. Even with money in the bank, I chose freeplay at times to try new games, or just to kill time.

My health limits some of the things in life I get pleasure from.
Start dabbling in Cryptocurrencies, it's pretty exciting stuff and constantly evolving, so there's always something new to learn :thumbsup:

Or of course the ol' video have the setup for the newer stuff, but the Retro scene is pretty awesome too. I say 'Retro' through gritted teeth because those games still seem fresh to me :D:laugh:

Good you've got that monkey off your back too. Now obviously there's nothing wrong with drinking, just don't start drunk-posting on here like I do on occasion and start littering the boards with Fine Young Cannibals videos :eek::drink:

I don't think I'll ever understand cryptocurrencies, I just can't get my fossilising head around them. But FYC :thumbsup: the raw and the cooked was the first cassette album I bought to go with my sony walkman in 1989 :):

Listening to it now after many, many years it does sound a little melancholic but still a pretty good mix of songs, but it doesn't have their 'johnny come home' song which is also a bit of a foot tapper ;)

Right now I'm trying to think of the best and most productive way to spend money outside of gambling which also avoids destructive behaviour. It's like I need to learn money management because as a gamble that is something I've never acquired.

I'm a big fan of the buy low/sell high "hobby" check out yardsales, online forums, auctions.. when you find an incredible deal on an item with a reasonable demand, scoop it up, repost it at a profit.. repeat.

Still has a bit of "gambling" involved, what if you can't resell? what if you picked an item no one wants? but a better long term RTP..

Keeps one busy and can be as big an enterprise as you're willing to grow it.

there's also the option of a "sunny day fund" if it was already being used for entertainment, bank it until it pays for a week/2wks at your all inclusive destination of choice.. enjoy all the sun/food/drink your body can handle.


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