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Your Input Please Does winning make you happier?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Jory, Sep 15, 2018.

    Sep 15, 2018
  1. Jory

    Jory Guest

    Why do I feel happier when I have £0.62 in my bank account rather than seeing those numbers jump up after a nice withdrawal?

    It goes against all logic, which is why I feel it's important to discuss.

    I suppose it says I'm that person who is using gambling as an escapism. A way to escape the reality of your situation which feels hopeless and putting your faith into the gods of randomness because that's still more likely than your own will power. Occasionally you can get moments of euphoria which floods your brain with chemicals and releases the pent up anguish, but those same laws dictate that you will eventually take a step backwards, instead of forwards.

    I had my largest ever win; I spent the money believing it was the moral justification to chasing that win and for a moment, I did feel happy. Why is it that I have never felt more miserable than after that win?

    The following day that same casino gave me 20 free spins on Pink Elephants which i somehow turned into £200. This comes after making the decision to quit depositing. It didn't stop there. I kept winning more and more from freerolls even after I would bust out and play another one. The mental justification was that it's free money so winning is a benefit.

    Despite defying all the odds and withdrawing money after deciding to quit depositing, all I felt was depression. I had made a decision to quit, now I'm winning again. This carried on too. I kept playing the freeroll because I had already paid entry to them, yet my luck continued even though I wished to lose so I could start my break. My thinking was that even though I stopped deposited, I was still winning and therefore I should feel grateful and happy, yet I didn't.

    I believe it's because that no matter if you win or lose, true happiness does not come from money.

    The analogy I've come up with is this....

    Let's say you have £1,000,000,000,000 in your bank account. You are on a plane that's lost control and about to smash into the ground killing everyone on-board. In that last second, wouldn't you happily trade all that money just for the opportunity to survive even if only for another hour?

    That's kind of the point. Even if you wake up every day feeling like shit, it's still worth more than all the money no matter how much you win.

    Gambling is a destructive force whether you win or lose. You can never actually win because true happiness can not be bought.

    I know it sounds like I just smoked 10 joints in a row right now, but I do believe at least some of you will strike a chord with what I'm saying. :)

    Untimely, I've spent so long chasing that win streak, yet after it happened, it only taught me that winning doesn't matter.

    I feel the most important thing I will take away from my win streak............... It's made me realise that I need to focus on the truly important aspects of life. Things which money cannot buy yet we are all free to take advantage of. It will be different for each and every one of you.

    Best thing is look deep inside yourself and ask what exactly it is that want from this life.
  2. Sep 15, 2018
  3. TheAverageGuy

    TheAverageGuy ~Master of Slack~

    The win is nice, but for me either result, win or loss isn't the point..

    I like the ????

    what comes on the next spin..

    the next sales call...

    the next act of random kindness...

    the next act of faith in a person that defies logic..

    the next piece of knowledge gleaned from a random source..

    the next.. well... next...

    It's the anticipation, the mystery, the risk, the unknown.. the possibilities..

    Lotto649 built an entire campaign on it... "Just imagine..."

    I'm the quintessential cat who has to scratch the curiosity itch.. sure I know what they say happened to that cat, but I hear the satisfaction of knowing brought him back ;-)
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  4. Sep 15, 2018
  5. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Not to be rich, ever, just enough to afford the simple and cheap things in life without beg, borrowing or stealing :p

    For my parents, children, family, friends to be physically and mentally well and happy.

    For me, myself to be at least reasonably happy.

    For all the selfish, inconsiderate, thoughtless people in the world to be round up and exterminated (ok, maybe a touch OTT but I DETEST poor manners and ignorant gits)

    Oh, yeah and a 5 Reel wild desire on IR on a £3 stake and I PROMISE - I will retire from online slotting forever!

    *List in no particular order and open to being added to :p
  6. Sep 15, 2018
  7. goatwack

    goatwack Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbour! CAG

    I suppose all these wins do is keep the 'buzz' going, it all becomes fleeting and insignificant once over :eek2:

    Other interests and priorities should always come first, and slotting as a temporary form of escapism, problem is conditioning the brain to get that 'fix' and so everything else becomes secondary for a while....

    You'll find that by abstaining and re-training oneself to not be reliant on slots is the best thing, and very doable. Once the fog clears you'll feel 10x better :thumbsup:
  8. Sep 15, 2018
  9. bebo67

    bebo67 Meister Member MM PABnonaccred

    Gemix Queen
    Ontario Canada
    No! But a decent play time sure does!
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  10. Sep 15, 2018
  11. Jory

    Jory Guest

    I understand that. I suppose after experiencing an endless "play time" I started to question what the point of it all is.

    On Monday playing from cashback I hit G-O-L-D after raising my bet to £0.60 when under £10. I just wanted to bust so I could be free from it. Instead it gives me two 5+ 5+ in a drop down. I didn't feel happy, I just felt like "here we go again".

    I'm trying to give the point of view from the feeling of getting the extra play time and what happens after that?
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  12. Sep 15, 2018
  13. TheAverageGuy

    TheAverageGuy ~Master of Slack~

    Fire the winnings into the "Remarkable CM Community thread" Grab a beer, glass'o'wine, bottle of water.. Head on outside, get some good ol UV therapy, smile at a stranger on the street, ring a neighbours doorbell and run away..

    sounds like the problem isn't the win or loss, it's just time for a break and change of pace.
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  14. Sep 15, 2018
  15. brianmon

    brianmon Meister Member webby mm4

    Another way of looking at it is...
    Does the happiness of winning create a bigger emotion than the sadness of losing a deposit?

    I sometimes feel sadder at losing a £100 deposit than i would feel happier at winning £500 from that deposit.
    on a scale of -10 to +10, I might feel -7 on a loss of £100 but only +5 on a win of £500
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  16. Sep 15, 2018
  17. Jory

    Jory Guest

    The freaky thing is I actually done all those things tonight, apart from the last one....

    A break is something I wish to do. I suppose the problem is I have a lot of friends here. When you decide to stop you have to also cut those people out of your life. It feels really harsh to say "Hey, I can't talk to you anymore because you are a gambler".

    If you want to quit drinking, you can't go socialising at the pub.

    You are right though about a break, I can only hope it's for good this time.

    Hopefully I find an absolution.
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  18. Sep 15, 2018
  19. TheAverageGuy

    TheAverageGuy ~Master of Slack~

    cold turkey, fad diets, super cheap "companions"... usually just leave you with an itch that needs to be scratched..

    Balance in all things, moderation, tend to be more successful in the long run.

    Too much of even the best of things.. is still.. too much..

    Giving up the enjoyable parts of life to avoid those that have lost their luster or created imbalance, to use an old adage, is very much throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    I funnily enough know a few reformed heavy drinkers that quite enjoy a single beer or two now and again while shooting pool or just shooting the $h!+ with good friends.. Clearly not an option for all, but certainly more preferable if achievable.
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  20. Sep 15, 2018
  21. Supababe

    Supababe Opinions Meister! CAG MM

    Mum, wife, daughter, pet owner and Primary Teacher
    Lancashire, UK
    Quite simply... yes... as long as I make the right decision and hit the withdrawal button and resist the temptation to reverse...or plough it all straight back in.

    As, as mentioned above, losing it causes a greater scale of sadness, frustration and self torturing than the happiness of the win.
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  22. Sep 15, 2018
  23. smart_croatia

    smart_croatia Experienced Member

    sales supervisor
    Well for me gambling is just pure fun, and i enjoy it, ofc i get mad when riping bullet in 5 minutes, my bullets are 20-30€ and bet level 1 or 2 always no meter what balance or wager i have, low-roll is my thing for over 2 years now, i was very active on twitch for 2 years having over 25 channels where i was mod big and small ones, but i got sick of it and left twitch for good only because i got tilted many times seeing streamers get unreal and insane wins all the time(which for me was not happening). So now i play few bullets per week, and when i do make deposit i say by to my money and still hoping to get some decent win. If ever my gambling will stop being fun i will stop gambling 4ever. I had few breaks for one or two months after insane riping strike like 40 or 50 bullets in a row. So i enjoy gambling and its my passion!!!
  24. Sep 15, 2018
  25. bebo67

    bebo67 Meister Member MM PABnonaccred

    Gemix Queen
    Ontario Canada
    After extra play time. My mind has cleared from whatever events have happened that day. And off I go back to the land of living. Any kind of games, give me the ability to be brain dead for a while :) Yes winning is nice, but its not my first priority.
    Supababe likes this.
  26. Sep 15, 2018
  27. shadow123

    shadow123 Senior Member

    I have been gambling for a long long time now,but for the last few years its not been about money
    just the so called enjoyment of gambling.I went through the stage that most of us probably do
    thinking I could actually make money out of gambling but grew out of that.
    Really disillusioned now about gambling,no enjoyment any more and seems pointless.
    The only thing that keeps me going is to see how long I can keep
    VS freerolls without depositing my own money.
    Jory likes this.
  28. Sep 16, 2018
  29. rena35

    rena35 Senior Member

    cyber space
    After i win a few hundred i don't feel happy. My first thought is how long my losing streak will last this time. It can go upwards of 6 months :what::eek2:
  30. Sep 16, 2018
  31. pinnit2014

    pinnit2014 Meister Member MM PABinit

    Work with figures, other audit-y things
    Glasgow and Home - N Ireland
    I think I stopped ‘loving’ slots a few years ago. Yes I play, but it’s not the same. If I go out to land based, drink and play at the tables, get a pizza, get an Uber, smoke 40 fags and wake up a tenner up despite the above expenses, that makes me happier than a lot of my withdrawals far in excess of that.

    A gamblers mind is never rationale - it’s why near misses in games raise the heart beat more than the wins :p
    Jory likes this.
  32. Sep 16, 2018
  33. scarletmuse

    scarletmuse Experienced Member

    Lady of Leisure

    **edit this mite be triggering. There is help out there. I have sougt it and its easier eventually ok**

    Yes,I know what that feels like. It's kinda like ugh, don't tease me with a few hundred when i know it ain't real it ain't gonna last.

    I think for me its kinda how i would think a drug addict like crack cocaine or something would be metaphorically linked-there is no doubt a connection between the rush and the addiction that it causes and then the effects it can have on a person even when it began as something innocent and harmless right...

    When i was i newbie, i turned to online slots as i always loved gamblig and the casino bit was tired of the same old offereing and crappy all round games/pays/experiences the one and only casino is my state had to offer and i fluttered on the sportsbet machines at the pub in the meantime-winning a bit here and there on dogs or horses and it would always be very fun so i was seeking something like that online-live betting or interactive platforms. I had no idea of the world that existed in the depths of the web or even that aftual casino sites even existed! I became enthralled and it would make me happy to play, chat win make friends and achieve status as a member etc as if i was on a journey of some sort.

    It was so almost glamorous, exotic and thrilling-a fun bright colourful community i could join, play, be involved in and spent some money to ultimately win some. (I used go get obsessed woth app games like candy crush and figured slotting was an alternative to spendig the money i would of spent on tokens or in app purchases with the added bonus of chance to win right!?!? )

    I was kinda livig in a world of my own when i logged in-like it was the actual physical world that i had stepped into and for a while i felt great about it wins or losing and alot of people around me noticed and ifelt more confident to socialise abd just became a bit more outgoing all over and would get my friends excited about it too explaining everything, waitig with anticipation for the wins and i felt like i dunno, like kinda impressive to them or somthing dumb likt that Lol.

    Andal from the comfort lf my couch and ipad where undoes and slippers?! Brilliant! Until thats also your downfall. No shower for three days, barely a wink of sleep, horrid coffee breath and greasy fingers contorted over a gamescreen as if it holds the meanig of life.

    So tragically, i began to believe the hype and mistake what i thought was "happiness" for obsession and i have fallen into that trap all too much. I usef to screeshoy all the exciting eind the dazzling graphics a reminder of my successes and they'd make me feelgood to flick thru and remininisce. Until i got soluch a terrible streak they mafe me absolutely regret evrything and i hastily deleted everything and blocked it from my memory banks. Believing things will eventually get brtter just stop dwelling on the past and think positive start afresh.

    I know i still do it now sometimes, even after taking a break here and there limitig my play to one site or just managing it better and reevaluating my habits, it is very easy to wander into that hole again and not know it-it becomes a chore not a hobby, its an operation, a game of skill and not a fun relaxing way to spend an afternoon. I remember my brain working overtime alit even wen i wasnt playing, having to mentally justify everything, calculating all the costs over and over-even knowingly technically i was not ahead and it was all losses even with a "big" win, i could make up an excuse to make it seem reasonable to myself and to hide the depression from myself and everyone around me.

    I think winning at anything in general is responsible for a little bit of happiness really. Its always great to come first or win a raffle or something!!

    But for me that naive excitement of the early days is really seeming like its poof and gone nowadays. So i play exactly like that too real negative and feel like its pointless sometimes hey.
    it's like of course a part of you is still always chasing that "high" but more often than not, we been burned by real bad streaks that we become insensitive to the entire thing.

    sometimes i have caught myself even forgetting its actuallly real money and just blowing large balances without a care-in part chasing the thrill and semi-part of me thinks i fear the unpredicatable but inevitable loss. i'd rather be in control of that loss and not blame the site or the game or soemthing-even when i do. I wont even use autoplay if i feel like it gives me the most power and i just spin 10000s until my finger is numb.

    I have seen a real trend amongst alotnof the posts and the vibe out there lately, that since i started out it seems anegativity shadows is all and that happiness and thrill from the early days is really gone-we are very critical and quick to look up every piece of info or t&c and complain or question rtps/software etc when years ago, that may have been how some of the old hats appeared to play and those sort of threads is where i got most of my knowledge lol but for myself and other we'd just be stoked a $20 friday nite treat deposit lasted us an entire weeked, we cashed out say $200 or so, got sole wager free spins and would celebeate a "big" say $24 win as a great victory after a 9c feature triggered. Now its like its gotta be jackpot style of $100+ Wins on lowrolls to trigger that sort of emotion.

    Happiness is about balance all in all isnmt it? An money always can be responsible for some aspect of a persons happiness i am sure of it. However as said earlier if its ya health, ya loved one or ya last day alive, does it matter? And saddest part is for some unless they can get the help and find the balance, it does matter and even at rock bottom the thrill of the chase can destroy ya. I am happier nowadays when i am winning again-eventually i find a positive moment esp on new games but over i like who i am in real life and not too drowned inthe online world anymore:))
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
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  34. Sep 16, 2018
  35. bebo67

    bebo67 Meister Member MM PABnonaccred

    Gemix Queen
    Ontario Canada
    Trust me when I say this......Money cannot buy you happiness! You are your own best friend, or worse enemy. There are so many reasons people gamble.
    Now if I could only play Super Mario online! :D
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  36. Sep 16, 2018
  37. shadow123

    shadow123 Senior Member

    Strange thing with me is how my idea of a large stake has changed,In the past I have done
    it all £10+ spins on slots,£100 a hand on video poker.
    Now anything over 50p is a large stake , dunno if me or the games.I could still play at silly
    if I wanted but the buzz is not there.but I can still get a kick out getting a feature on 20p.
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  38. Sep 16, 2018
  39. scarletmuse

    scarletmuse Experienced Member

    Lady of Leisure
    Right on Bebo:rolleyes: Imagine that but! Nintendo themed sloTs... donkey kong, yoshi...Zelda or Goldeneye007 on 64 themes anyday-triggering a pierce brosnan feature would be amaaaze. But then be in the same predicament, hooked all over again Lol!

    Uhuh though, frenemy? Enefriend? Lol. sometimes thats a struggle too for many, confusing the destructive bad persona with the one you truly wanna be... as with my previous old crackhead analogy--a buzzed out tweaker thinking their habit makes them the life of he party when really its more like, come on mate, get out of the gutter before you puke up om ya shirt:p:eek::laugh:

    I do love the trusty old adage money dont buy happiness as you mentioned! I get the meaning like really its not the be all and end all but sometimes i just cant agree with it, cos money can actually buy a lot of things and some of those things I NEEEED to make me happy... i just know it lol! ....and more often than not those things are either: a ridiculous home shopping gadget that will solve all the household problems i bever realised i had... any sort of snuggie type blanket, especially the ones the ones with a mermaid tail, a teeny bandana for my dog or any other silly fad i get obsessed with LOLOLOL

    Our world but, full of social media, ppl bowadays idolise those who live to excess, with a new generation of materialism and entitlement with little to no respect or understandig of hard work, morality and values. Think kardashians, real housewives, any idiot youtuber, insta-models and so on, creating false ideals and expectations, jealous fueled competitve world where noone ca handle it when things dont always come easy or get what they want... and wen we start puttig the wrong people on pedestals, thats when things start to culturally shift and i think the atmosphere around gambling has in my opinion kinda shifted similarly...

    Like i sed, early on it was a more careful thing where we would lowroll and be grateful for any cashout easily won that was say upto st least 3-5x inital deposits-$20 deposit earning a swrt $300-unreal! Bit now we become a bit accustomed and greedy maybe? Esp as online casinos began to grow and more ppl playing, think VS when battles be all full up all of a sudden or missing the tuesday voucher code within minutes cos they already been claimed by 2000ppl, when a week b5, it was 500ppl limit and you claimed it on wednesday arvo no probs. Like damn, i been here longer than all of them 'i am entitled to more' And as more and more ppl start communicating the need for bigger and better wins, bonuses, freebies etc gets competitve a little i felt, interpreting my observations anf experiences obvs... i might be wrong lol hut just has that aura sometimes

    Not saying its bad necessarily bt have Also have thought CM forums does that a lil too-such as sharing pics etc, i mean honestly i am happy for all and any wins people are proud of and want to share those moments-sometimes it can be inspiring and sometimes it just fun to look st all the different fun animations and such! but i bet, how often woudl any of us kinda have found ourselves flicking thru after a dry spell and just been so like i wanna be happy for you but really im mad, like " wtf! A $900 scatter feature on that game i literally play every damn day and this newbie just strolls in braggin bout his wicked run on 17c spins!?!? Yep righto never mind when i spend days and a weeks pay trying to hit so much as a bonus round on it and bam. Show off" hahaha

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