Does Sportsbook equal better experience?

Legitimate sportsbooks with casinos tend to pay very quickly. The majority of casinos I've played at tied to a sportsbook with a B or higher rating at have paid in a matter of hours, not days. And none, with the exception of Mansion, have requested ID when I've used Neteller.

I've received same day first time payouts from all of the following

Bodog (RTG)
Mansion (proprietary)
Canbet (RTG)
5dimes (Unified?)
Pinnacle (Blue Chip)
Bet365 (playtech)
BetWWTS (Playtech - BetCasino)

Unless it's for bonus whoring, I have no idea why someone would play at a Playtech that waits 4 days to process payouts, when BetCasino and Bet365 are available. Same for RTG when Canbet, Bodog and VIP are around. Unfortunately, the only microgaming sportsbook-affiliated casino I'm aware of is Intertops, and their payments have slowed dramatically.
Mansion (proprietary)
I beg to differ on this one point. I requested a withdrawal and sent rquired info (docs) TWICE and NEVER received it after waiting 10 days, so I ended up playing it out just to close this casino account out. I will NEVER go back there again. One of the WORST customer support help I have EVER run into in all the years I have been playing online...and that is MANY (years that is).
To me, the best thing about these casinos is that you can completely bypass their withdrawal process by transferring the money in the sportsbook. Bet one side of a game at your favorite sportsbook, the other side at the casino/sportsbook and hope that the right side wins. I usually place these bets at Pinnacle since they pay out in a matter of minutes 24/7 (and I've always got funds sitting at Pinnacle anyway).
Sportbooks and Casinos

Books have always paid faster than casinos. At least reputible ones.

If you make business with a casino which is backed up by a big sportbook, most likely your payouts will be processed faster. In my opinion, you will find more decent CS in sportbooks than in online casinos.

Check for example the Customer Service Departments at:

SBG Global
BEt Cris...

All of them huge books with the most reliabe service ever. At those 3 sites you will get Neteller payouts within 3 hours. However SBG's casino is awful.

Bet365 will be the best option

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