Does being online slot savvy give you any advantage from the ill knowing punter?


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Aug 29, 2012
If by slot savvy you mean being controlled, having discipline and good bankroll management as well as picking the rights slots, then no, I don't have any of those attributes :oops:

Some might get a knack for when to raise bets etc, it might be after a set number of spins or sheer luck.

As for industry insiders, casinos themselves or the providers etc, they don't need any tricks or inside knowledge....they're content watching from the other side of the fence as the slots maul us. That's all the info they need :cool:


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Mar 13, 2008
I'd have to say yes. It won't turn you into a winner, but you can probably lose less and play longer.

You'll read the terms and avoid breaches that lead to confiscations. That's probably the biggest one right there.

You will know and understand about Self-Exclusion, and casinos under the same licences. You'll know how to use the Responsible Gambling tools to help you stay within your budget.

You will understand that different slots have different theorhetical RTPs, and that it's generally better play with a higher one, although I confess I'm willing to play pretty much anything that is at 95% and above.

You will come to understand that many bonuses with high wagering requirements make it harder to win than with no bonus.

A belief in randomness will lead you to stop chasing losses. You are never due.

If you live close to London, you will try your damnedest to drink your year's losses at the Meister Meet:D

Oh, and you will have the support and friendship of other CM members, which has great value.


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Feb 17, 2012
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I have learned a lot of do's and don'ts over the years so I would say yes. The most important, painful lesson for me was finding the cash out button. I have never won big but I have won a few hundred and once i played it back thinking i would win more. It was on a $5 deposit back when paste and pay was still available. I hardly ever take bonuses on my deposits so the terms are always good to read if you do. I learned a valuable lesson that day and now i always cash out...sometimes :D.


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Mar 27, 2012
Absolutely ;)

I used to play poker, but then started playing slots after my kids were born because I had no time left for cards.
Deposited couple hundred at Bet365 and started spinning Archer at 1.25 to 2.50 bets like a madman. And funnily enough I hit 2000x in my first ever brush with slots (four expanding reels of ladies on the same game). Came back, obviously, and expected the same thing to happen again. You can guess what followed :oops:

Anyway, joined CM soon after, learned about all the strange things like RTP and mostly variance, different kinds of slots etc. and never looked back.
It certainly made me a lot more reasonable, I'm managing the money better :thumbsup:


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Aug 25, 2004
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Does the possession of knowledge of online casino's improve a persons chances of winning?
100% yes! (Referring to the thread title about being "slot savvy")

Otherwise they might think they have a chance of actually winning something on Starbust, Sparce Warts, Turd From the Unflushed Toilet, Red Raping Hood, Robin in your Hood, etc, etc... :(

Knowledge is Power - as the catchphrase on my ridiculously out-of-date slots site says! :p



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May 13, 2015
Yes most definitely. But it won't help you win just help you understand what it takes to win.As a newbie I bet and deposited $1,000's and lost TOO much to ever recover. But now after all these year's and lot'sa win's and loss's. I have learned the fact's of online play.

KK your absolutely a funny person and your answer's are just about the same as mine in this context. If we could find a way to put all the many year's of play that just the few who have posted here into a working idea. We would be able to pick and choose the game's to play and WIN!

Knowledge is power and as seasoned player's we have 1 up on the new player's most definitely.But for me sharing the knowledge is as good if not better than a win in some instance's.

And that is why I like CM so very much we can offer our idea's about play and the T&C of just about any casino we have played at either individually or as a collective.Great Thread colin, Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff


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Oct 22, 2013
I've flip flapped on this question. My immediate thoughts were yes it does but then after greater consideration I'm not sure it does.

Let's say you, the savvy punter, deposit £100 and go and play slots. What is the tangible advantage you have over the unsavvy customer who does exactly the same thing?

I suppose one example I can think of is something like monopoly big event. Suppose you trigger a 5 scatter bonus and the red hotels are revealed. It might not be obvious to the unsavvy player that this guarantees a minimum of 5 picks whilst also guaranteeing the red hotel bonus.

But some of the other examples given in responses I don't think are actually advantages at all I.e. I might know the odds of every single possible outcome on Immortal Romance but it gives me no advantage over any other player once I click spin. And things such as bankroll management aren't necessarily about being slot savvy... thats just money management which requires no deeper understanding of a slot machine and also guarantees nothing in terms of advantage unless perhaps you consider a pure bonus player who always plays +EV. But that wouldn't necessarily be specific to slots and not what I understood your question to mean.