Does anyone win at Casinoes????


Erik Petersen

Hi I have for some time now - been playing at,, and other online casinoes owned by the same company. But does anyone win at these casinoes????? If you look in the chat, everybody is asking if anyone is winning!!!
I have never won more than a couple of $$.
Also the chat seems to come with generated messages like "$$$ WON 100$ IN BLACKJACK $$$", "$$$
WON 125$ IN ROULETTE $$$", I have tried to chat with those winners many times but they never answer back, so my guess is that they are just computerprogrammed players who put out a message once and a while. Furthermore are the Casinoes not reviewed by i.e. a 3. party, like lots of other casinoes, and they have no statement on how much they payout - so can't they just keep all the money without telling it????
These Casinos seemed to be owned by the "casinofantasy" ring of casinos. Maybe their spawned partner programs from them.

Never bet any serious amounts of money on them, but i too noticed the automated winnings.
Grand virtual software is used.
I have started one of those Casinoglamour Casinoes (affiliate program) where you can receive upto 60% of all winnings, but I don't get a lot of players. Bad marketing i guessed, but then some of the players who claimed they played at my casino - contacted me and told me that they had not received their 30$ bonus!! The problem was that there there was a lot more players than my affiliate site said I had???? I think they are cheating BIG TIME - and keep all the revenue instead of splitting with the affiliates.

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