Does anyone remember....


Dormant account
Jun 20, 2001
Turn right, then right. then right again
.... Atlantic Interbet?? (I think thats right)

The software was kinda interactive (unusual for the time) and had some pretty good slots etc and good tourneys.

I think it closed around 2003/4??

Maybe Jetset or someone might know - I was just having a reminisce about the days of $50 freebies with 4x WR and 100% matches with 6x D+B..ahh the memories...


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Atlantic Interbet is going back a bit, and this casino and its Connecticut owners David and Gary Rothman made itself quite a (infamous) name back in 2002, when even the Antiguan authorities pulled the licence for bad conduct.

I recall covering the story back then, so you might find it in the Casinomeister News archives, or googling the Rothmans - I'm sure something would come to light under their names LOL!

Edit and correction - sorry - that's the "Roffmans"