Does anyone know where to get the OLD William Hill Casino Software?


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Nov 4, 2003
I had the old William Hill software, which worked fine for me. I upgraded to the new version (2003 edition) and can't get it to work properly. Does anyone have a clue where I might download the old version or find an old edition on CD?

I would appreciate any ideas.
Are you talking about the version 3 software? I may still have a copy of the download on my hard drive. I'm pretty sure I still have it installed on an old computer too if need be.

I'm curious what problem you're having with the new version? Is it crashing right after you login? I had that problem with it and found the cause to be McAfee Internet Security. It causes casino.exe to crash each time. Very annoying and I've found no fix other than using the flash version of the casino.
OK, I do have a couple of downloads from Will Hill. I've got version 3.02 and version 4, which would you like?
Thanks jpm. Actually I found a copy of version 4 (at least I think it's version 4 - I know it's previous to the new version that I was having difficulty with) available on ZDNet, so I'm all set now.

I was having problems with the bank section of the software, which seems to be rather different than the bank section of the previous version.

Flash version of the casino? I went to the site and looked for a flash version, but couldn't find anything. Where's it located?

Thanks again.
I think its actually Java. I tend to use flash & java interchangably and probably should know better!

I think version 4 is the current version and 3.02 is the older one. There is a very different cashier window in the current version.

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