Does anyone know how Main Street Group's comp program tiers work?


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Mar 19, 2014
Does anyone have information about Main Street Group (Las Vegas USA, Slots Plus Casino, Sun Palace Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Old Havana Casino) comp program? They have a list of 5 tiers, Regular, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond with different benefits. This is actually a very big deal because not only does the highest tier get 5x weekly withdrawal, but also half the WR!

Unfortunately nowhere on their sites do I find how to get the higher tiers. Their customer support seems to be clueless on that as well. So that's why I'm asking here to see if anyone knows more.

Side topic about this casino group. If all else is good about this group, I find it quite unfair that CM wouldn't accredit this group for the reason of "Bonus being unfair to non-US/Canada" alone. There are certainly casinos with worse bonuses that got accredited. And if this is a discrimination issue, how many casinos discriminate against US players? Yet they are all still accredited.


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Apr 14, 2014
I'd be interested to know as well seeing how US players don't have many non-rogue options to begin with.


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Aug 16, 2009
Quoted directly from

Each time you place a wager in your Real Money casino account, you accumulate FREE comp points which can be redeemed for CASH! Depending on the number of comp points redeemed the previous month, you will automatically qualify for a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level BONUS absolutely FREE!

SILVER Comp Points Redeemed During the month $200-$499

GOLD $500-$999

PLATINUM $1,000 or more

I'm going to assume their Diamond level must be on an invite only basis, by the fact there's not a lick of information about it anywhere on the site. So you must have be a huge spender to qualify for that level.

Basically the jist I'm getting is, if your a regular player or just one with the average RTG luck. You probably won't get much in the way of benefits from this group. It would seem as if to me, that they've tightened up the reins a bit. There looking for more than the average joe to come and play here these days. Yet really honestly it's the average joe who holds a casino together last I knew and not the high rollers. Mainly because the average joe is more likely constant income over the high roller where they only show up once in a while.

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