Does anybody know "Kiss Casino" & "El Casino" ?


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Oct 3, 2003
Hi !

Does anybody made experience with "Kiss Casino" & El Casino". I would like to play, but never heard of them.

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If someone heard anything, please let me know.

For anyone who cares:

Ive played KissCasino (100deposit + 100 bonus) and finally cashed in 240USD. Received within 3 days in my NEteller account.

ElCasino I cannot say too much, because I lost my 50deposit quite quick ;)
I'm also looking for thoughts on Kiss Casino. I generally like the Boss platform, but I am not a fan of WebDollar and its slow-pay process (that is, slow relative to a number of other systems). Any other Boss sites that pay quickly and reliably? (I'm aware of Casino365.)
I played at Parahon's before. Lost 3 times (more than $500) and finally win a small amount at 4th time. Got paid in 2 days (during the weekend). is VERY slow at first withdrawal (9 days) but got paid in 2 days at 2nd and 3rd withdrawal because I email them and asked them very polite to make sure it won't be delay again.

Webdollar usually paid me in 4 days as they promised. At least, they pay and follow their rules.

Good luck!!!

P.S. You need to check Parahon's "Max withdrawal". I think their system has erro and it didn't show I can withdrawal the bonus even I am way after pass the requirement....I have to email them and asked. Wish I knew this at first time play.

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