Does anybody know GOLDEN BALL CASINO ?


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Oct 3, 2003
Hi !

Does anybody know the GoldenBallCasino ?
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50% bonus is maybe not high, but the wagering requirement is OK.
The only thing I dont like is that they ask you to deposit money before you can withdraw the winnings of their free bonus.

If someone has made expierence with them, pelase let me know.

Goldenballs Casino is part of the Gambling Federation Casinos.

Here are the details you asked for:

Each Casino has its own deposit bonus and wager requirements:

Casino Freedom: 50% bonus up to $200 3 * (deposit + bonus)
Pink Lady: 100% bonus up to $150 5 * (deposit + bonus)
Selective: same as Pink Lady
Golden Balls: same as Casino Freedom
Commodore: 100% bonus up to $100 5 * (deposit + bonus)
BlackJack Club: same as Casino Freedom and Golden Balls

Also, the $10 signup bonus has a wager requirement of 15 times, plus
you must make a deposit before requesting a cashout.

I played the following casinos very recently.

This is what happened when I played these 6 casinos:
Casino Freedom $50 Dep $50 Bonus wagered $500...$25 pft
Videopokerclassic $25 Dep 25% Bonus wagered $ 1 loss
Selectivecasino $25 Dep $25 Bonus wagered $112...$25 loss
Goldenballs $50 Dep $25 Bonus wagered $225...$28 loss
Pinklady $25 Dep $25 Bonus wagered $250...$110 pft
Luckygate $25 Dep $25 Bonus wagered $100...$25 loss

Net Profit $56.00 on a $200 investment. :mad:


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I'm Victor Perez, the Golden Balls Casino's Manager. The 15 x' wag. req. to cashout the No deposit required bonus is not difficult to reach. And you need to make a little deposit in order to make a cashout of the money that you won with the FREE $10.

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To continue explaining our $10 FREE no deposit required bonus' rules.

Suppose you receive your bonus and play with it. Finally you have $100 on your balance and met the wag. req. (150 or more). Then you want to make a cashout. Easy, make a $20 deposit and receive $10 as first deposit bonus. Now you can cashout 100 + 20 and lost your $10 bonus for your first deposit or, play 3 x the bonus + deposit (that means 90) in order to cashout all your money (including the Bonus for first deposit).

More easy:
1. Get your $10
2. Wager more than 150
3. If you have money in your balance after wager 150...then make a minimum deposit.
4. You will get a bonus for your first deposit.
5. Now you can cashout your balance - your first deposit bonus or just, continue playing until you met the wag req for the first purchase. That means 3 x the deposit + bonus.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact me at or just send a feedback using the feedback's form at the website or just call one of our toll free numbers listed at the FAQ section.

Victor Perez
Golden BAlls Casino
Casino Manager
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Thanks for the comments and help.

I will play some of the casino and also post my experiences
In my experience, and my sons, we found that the best way to win is to play the GROUP that I have posted on Nov 2nd.
Law of know?
AND...We REALLY didn't think we did all that well. :mad:
Deposited $50 at pink lady, got $50 bonus + $10 bonus and was up to $120 after wagering over $1600 at $1-4 per bet but got stupid and bet $10 + $15 + $10 and lost to a dealers 21. Then I bet $10 + $10 + $10 and lost again.

Ended up cashing out $75 after wagering about $1900 at BJ.

If you enjoy lots of stiff hands and common 6-10 in a row losing streaks it's the place to play!

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