Does active depositing players make a difference?


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Oct 24, 2020
Hello there,

I joined a new site at the start of the year. The first month or 2 was brilliant. I could do no wrong, every slot I played turned to gold, Bonusing everywhere.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you know yourself, Lady Luck turned her back on me at a certain point and now its a constant loss fest for around 7 months straight.

So, I start to notice that they rarely update anything on their site (once a month, if lucky) plus they never run any network promos , ie The Pragmatic one which just about every other site big or small runs. Although, they do add new games regularly.

Then I delved a little bit deeper into the site and I think i am finding that currently they are a shell of the company that they started out to be. I did some web traffic checks and it seems it is in a downward spiral.

So, My question to you would be...

If a site has less traffic and possibly not many active depositing customers, Would this affect the outcome off your play there?

And, Is the slots that you choose to play connected through to the gaming providers network across all sites, so that then, It does not make a difference on how many players play at this site or not?

Thanks in Advance

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