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Feb 22, 2001

Surprise acquisition by newcomer

The Gibraltar-based poker software firm and network Dobrosoft was sold this week in a surprise move following a deal concluded with Digital Gaming Network, a newbie private company operated by a team of industry veterans that specialises in multi-player gaming software development and is based in Costa Rica, with development divisions in Eastern Europe and Asia.

The jobs of existing Dobrosoft employees appear safe, as according to a DGN spokesperson the buyer intends to retain all staff in order to meet expansion targets in the online poker and multi-player gaming space.

The spokesperson revealed that DGN is installing a new team of experienced industry professionals to take over the Dobrosoft operations. "We are adding many features to the product and are focused on providing the ultimate poker platform to gaming companies so that they may take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in the online poker and peer to peer gaming space," said company spokesperson Nicole Sims.

"We are pleased that the core Dobrosoft platform gives us a springboard into the marketplace and gives us a solid base," she added. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Dobrosoft has already contractually secured some major network partners that will be announced shortly, adding significantly to the new network's player liquidity over the next six to eight weeks, and announcements can be expected as additional network partners make public their moves to the DGN platform.

Dobrosoft has been in operation since 2000 and was one of the first companies to bring multi-player poker software to the industry. Dobrosoft's owners will be working with DGN's new management team to transition the operation over the next 90 days. Dobrosoft's software team of 60+ individuals, most with 6 or more years of online gaming software experience will be retained by the new company and will be expanded by the addition of several industry savvy IT professionals and management staff.

Digital Gaming Network has already invested heavily in the new venture and increased its staff by 50 percent with a hand-picked team of experienced industry executives, software engineers, managers and operational staff members. "In preparation for the take over, the company has already made significant investments in human resources, hardware upgrades and in the increased scalability of the product," said Sims.
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Wonder if the "newbie private company" team of industry veterans includes many Doyle's room staff? ;)

No, Dobrosoft was sold to Futurebet or at the very least Futurebet is heavily involved in this transaction. Futurebet has a terrible reputation in the industry. There are over $100,000 in PAB's on one FB skin and surely the amount truly owed to players is much much higher. It seems the only FB licensed site that has a great reputation is Full Contact while there are others like Bettingchamps that appear to hold their own by not using FB's cashier system.

This has made many players wonder about the safety of their funds on this new network even if they are not playing on a Futurebet skin. IMO if Futurebet is involved as much as it seems I would have serious reservations about playing there. They already got kicked off of Ongame.

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