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Aug 25, 2013
roscommon ireland
Fed up with seeing all those 5 scatter screenshots that you have not hit ?
Fed up with seeing those wild lines that you have not hit ?
Fed up with your deposit dead on arrival?

Well here is your chance to banish those blues.
I am a world known programmer and i write for a magazine called Computer Geeks Weekly which is the current no 1 seller in Romania.
For 2 years i tracked the gameplay of DOA and eventually discovered a pattern.
I invented the DOA app which sends the We are the champions song to my phone which alerts me that the slot is hot.
Be warned,you could be having a bit of hanky panky with the misses or having a no 2 on the loo when the alert comes so you MUST drop everything and fire up the slot.
Already these last 3 months have been very profitable and i have won close to a 1/4 of a million euro.
I have had 16 wild lines alone this month and have hit the 5 scatters no less than 12 times this year.
I have as many casino accounts and i spread the play with not large stakes so my winnings do not alert the casino.
My winnings this year has already enabled me to buy a new Merc,new set of teeth and a signed One Direction poster and of course the wife has had a new set of bewbie woobies.Also on my way to France in the summer to follow my beloved Albania brinh home the cup.
I am now board of playing DOA and am in the middle of a new challenge for Starburst.
This app will only be on sale to the highest bidder so be quick.
April 1st.......:rolleyes:

Don't tell me:

1. Number Colour will be introducing instant cash-outs from this weekend.

2. Raging Rhino is having the Bonus Guarantee made up to 100x stake.

3. Microgaming are bringing out an original new slot.

4. Netent are discontinuing St*rb*rst.

5. EM are now making their casinos list other licensed sister sites.

6. I have made a video without cursing.

7. Joyland have just sent a cheque to Canada for the stolen $1.7m plus interest.

8. Someone not Swedish just won the Hall Of Gods progressive.

9. A person in a remote village in Andorra claims not to have received a Casino Rewards e-mail all day.

10. It's 101% RTP day at Videoslots.
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